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Signing the decoration contract itself is to protect the owner's own interests, but also to cooperate with each other to make the construction project go smoothly. For most owners who contact decoration for the first time, this is not so easy. If you don't pay attention to it, you may fall into the trap set by some malicious decoration companies. Today, the Xiaobian of Wuhan Decoration network is about to bring a sample of the latest decoration contract in 2017, hoping to provide a strong reference for owners preparing for decoration

sample of the latest decoration contract in 2017:

entrusting party (Party A):

undertaking party (Party B):


after friendly negotiation and consultation between Party A and Party B, Party A decides to entrust Party B to decorate the room. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, this contract is hereby signed for mutual compliance

Article 1: project overview

1. Project address:___________________________________

2. Room specification: room type______ Layer (type)______ Room______ Hall______ Kitchen______ Wei, total construction area____________ Square meters

3. Construction content: See Annex (I) of the contract "family decoration construction content list" and construction drawings for details

4. Entrustment method:____________________________________________

5. Project commencement date:______ Year______ Month______ Date

6. Project completion date:______ Year______ Month______ Daily

total project days:________ Article 2: project price

project price (amount in words)___________________ Yuan, see Annex (II) of this contract for details

1. Material payment__________ Yuan; 2. Labor cost__________ Yuan

3. Design fee__________ Yuan; 4. Construction clearance fee__________ Yuan

5. Handling fee__________ Yuan; 6. Management fee__________ Yuan

7. Other expenses (specify contents)______________ Yuan

Article 3: quality requirements

1. The varieties, specifications and names of the main materials used in the project shall be approved by both parties

2. Both parties agree to implement the project acceptance standard with reference to the relevant national regulations

3. During construction, if Party A has special construction projects or special quality requirements, both parties should confirm that the increased cost should be separately from the college entrance examination resource network End# sign a supplementary contract

4. The quality of materials and equipment purchased by Party A shall be borne by Party A; Party B shall be responsible for the construction quality

5. If Party A hires a project supervisor by itself, it must notify Party B before the commencement of the project, so as to facilitate the work connection

Article 4: material supply

1. Party B must strictly follow the relevant national price regulations and price the materials used in this contract. The materials provided by Party A shall be used in the decoration works specified in this contract and shall not be used for other purposes without the consent of Party A. If Party B misappropriates the materials for other purposes, it shall compensate Party A by double the price of the misappropriated materials

2. The materials and equipment provided by Party B shall not be used if they do not meet the quality requirements or have different specifications. If it has been used, Party B shall be responsible for the losses caused to the project

3. The materials and equipment purchased and supplied by Party A should be qualified products that meet the design requirements, and should be supplied to the site on time. In case of delayed arrival, the construction period shall be postponed and punished according to the delayed construction period. 10% of the total amount of materials provided by Party A shall be paid to Party B as management fee. After the materials are accepted by Party B, Party B shall be responsible for keeping them, and Party B shall be responsible for making compensation for the losses caused by improper storage

Article 5: payment method

1. Once the contract is signed, Party A shall pay 100% of the project materials and 50% of the construction cost; When the progress of the construction period is more than half (year month day), Party A will pay 40% of the construction cost for the second time. The remaining 10% will be settled after Party A's completion acceptance of the project. (Note: construction cost includes labor cost)

Party A's failure to pay on the due date is a breach of contract, and Party B has the right to stop the construction. When the project price is not settled after the acceptance, it shall not be delivered for use

2. In case of any increase or decrease in the project construction or the need for changes, both parties shall sign a supplementary contract, and Party B shall be responsible for issuing a construction change order and notifying the person in charge of the construction site. The increase or decrease of the project price shall be settled on the spot

3. If Party A fails to prepay the project price within the period specified in this contract, it shall pay 1% of the unpaid project price to Party B for each overdue day

4. If Party A mortgages to the bank during the decoration of the room, it must give the mortgage certificate and relevant documents (copies) to Party B

Article 6: project duration

1. If the completion is delayed due to the reason of Party B, 1% of the work fee shall be paid to Party A as liquidated damages every day until the work fee is deducted. If the completion is delayed due to Party A's reason, 1% of the labor cost in the decoration project price shall be paid to Party B as a delay fee of yuan for each day of delay

2. If the materials and equipment selected by Party A affect the project quality and construction period due to unqualified quality, the rework cost shall be borne by Party A. if the quality accident is caused by Party B's construction, the rework cost shall be borne by Party B, and the construction period shall remain unchanged

3. During the construction, the suspension caused by project quality problems and disagreement between both parties will not be treated as delay in work or delay in construction period. Both parties should take the initiative to request the relevant departments to mediate or arbitration departments to coordinate and deal with the dispute as soon as possible, so as to continue the construction

4. In the construction, if the rework is required due to Party A's reason, or the construction period is delayed due to Party A's change of construction content, a visa is required, and party a must bear all construction costs. If the rework is caused due to Party B's reason, Party B shall bear the responsibility, and the construction period remains unchanged

5. During the construction, Party A shall be responsible for the quality problems and delay of the construction period caused by privately notifying the construction personnel to change the construction content without the consent of Party B

Article 7: project acceptance

1. Project quality acceptance, except for the acceptance of concealed works by sections, after the completion of the project, Party B shall organize Party A to conduct completion acceptance. Both parties shall handle the project settlement and handover procedures

2. After Party B notifies Party A to carry out process acceptance and completion acceptance, Party A shall come to the acceptance within three days. If it is overdue, it will be deemed that Party A has automatically waived its rights and passed the acceptance. If there is any problem, Party A will be responsible for it. If Party A moves in by itself, it shall be deemed as qualified

3. If Party A cannot come to the acceptance within the time limit specified by Party B, it shall timely notify Party B and set another date. However, Party A shall recognize the completion date of the process or project and bear the custody fee and related expenses of Party B

Article 8: other matters

1. Party A's responsibilities

1) party a must provide the house plan and water, electricity and gas circuit diagram approved by the property management department, or Party A shall provide the house plan and water, electricity and gas circuit diagram, and make on-site disclosure to Party B

2) for the secondary decoration works, the houses shall be completely or partially vacated, and the obstacles affecting the construction shall be removed. Necessary protective measures shall be taken for the furniture and furnishings left in the house that can only be partially vacated, and the formalities shall be handled with Party B and the expenses shall be borne

3) if it is really necessary to dismantle or modify the original building structure or equipment, pipelines, procedures should be handled with the local housing management department, and relevant costs should be borne. If you need to use public parts temporarily during construction, you should say hello to the neighbors

2. Party B's responsibility

1) Party B shall actively show its business license, membership certificate or construction qualification; The handling salesman must have the authorization certificate of the legal representative

2) assign a staff member as the site representative of Party B to be responsible for the performance of the contract, organize the construction according to the contract requirements, and complete the construction tasks on schedule with quality and quantity guaranteed

3) be responsible for the safety of the construction site, strictly prevent fire, work with certificates, civilized construction, and prevent the pipeline blockage, water leakage, power failure, object damage and other accidents caused by construction from affecting others. In case of occurrence, it must be repaired or compensated as soon as possible

4) strictly perform the contract and implement the credit construction period. If the completion is delayed, such as falling out of material, idling or luring Party A to advance funds, it will be treated as breach of contract after investigation

5) undertake the warranty responsibility within the scope of decoration construction, and the warranty period is 12 months from the date when the project is completed and Party A's income is qualified

IX. this agreement is made in duplicate, with each party holding one copy, which has the same effect. This Agreement shall take effect from the date of signature by both parties

Party A: Party B:

signature (seal): signature (seal):

contact number: contact number:

date month month month month month month month day

editor's summary: I don't know whether owners who have learned about decoration or experienced decoration have this feeling. In recent years, many decoration disputes have been caused by signing decoration contracts, whether it's an unequal treaty, whether they renege on or don't fulfill their commitments after signing, This seems to have sometimes become a norm. Here, Xiaobian reminds you not to be careless when signing a contract. It is really necessary to know in advance

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