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"How to make the house bigger" is an timeless topic. Today, Xiaobian will talk about how decoration can make the house look big. There are many ways to show the size of small houses, including hard decoration and soft decoration

create a "big" field of vision with color. Light color is a versatile color, which will not stand out wherever it is used. For small houses, light colors can visually create an illusion that the space seen is larger than the actual space. Light colors are used on the roof, walls and ground, which has a very good effect of visually expanding the space

if you want good lighting, it is recommended that small houses with multiple windows are not bright. What is the difference between them and small black houses? At this time, lighting is particularly important. Only when the sun shines in fully can the room appear transparent and bright. If you can, make more windows, and the lighting will be natural

it is advisable to consider an open pattern. The open dining room is connected with the living room. Without barriers, the two spaces converge into a larger space, and the living room looks more transparent and bright. Join the whole wardrobe www.aiegle Com

focus on storage. Small houses are the most taboo. There are many things in the originally small space, and many things appear to be disordered and have no beauty. The home will look like a warehouse. If there is no spare room as a storage room, then you should pay more attention to storage. When decorating, you can make more storage cabinets, so that the home looks neat and clean

those who can use partition don't need wall partition, partition, partition and continuous. Sometimes we can consider partition when we distinguish functional areas. Partition can make the space appear larger and more transparent than a thick whole wall. Nowadays, it is very popular to make glass partitions, which are fashionable and beautiful, and have better light transmittance than any partition made of other materials




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