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The products of Shengshi manor cover customized furniture in the living room, customized furniture in the bedroom and various cabinets. They follow the route of customization in the whole house, showing the characteristics of aristocracy in all aspects from clothing, food, housing, social etiquette, speech and behavior, luxurious, noble, classic and elegant

Shengshi manor is a brand of Wanshida wood industry. The predecessor of Wanshida is Shunda wood industry, which was founded in October 1993. After several years of development, Shunda wood industry was renamed Wanshida wood industry in 1997, mainly producing all kinds of high-grade raw wood doors and solid wood doors. After more than 20 years of development, the production plant area of the company has exceeded 30000 square meters. With the introduction of advanced production equipment, first-class technology, mature technology, innovative ideas, complete supporting facilities and continuously surpassing efficient production management team from Europe, Taiwan and other places, Wanshida has achieved great development

the planning of Wanshida is a diversified development idea. Under the guidance of this idea, it is also a progress in line with the trend of the times. In 2011, Wanshida created a new brand of whole wood furniture, Shengshi manor. The product range covers customized furniture in the living room, customized furniture in the bedroom and various cabinets, taking the route of customization in the whole house

what is the status of your Shengshi manor's whole wood home decoration products in terms of channel layout? Xiaobian will answer for you now:

the whole wood home of Shengshi manor puts forward a new life mode of "HFB design" (noble habitat + upper class business), which skillfully combines elements such as ergonomics, aesthetics, craft carving and modern home practicality, and comprehensively demonstrates clothing, food, housing, transportation, social etiquette. Noble identity characteristics can be seen in speech and behavior, luxurious and noble, classic and elegant

at present, Shengshi manor focuses on developing the high-end market. Its channel layout is basically in the first tier cities, and its products are positioned at the high end. Its products are mainly European and American. Shengshi manor plans to develop 15 markets every year within three years





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