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The electric opening and closing curtain is driven by a motor, usually controlled by a remote control or a button. It has the characteristics of ordinary fabric curtains and has its own unique advantages. It once became one of the necessary window decoration and sunshade products for modern high-end bedroom hotels. Now it is widely used in various high-end room decoration places. Compared with ordinary curtains, what aspects of electric curtains are more prominent? Now let me explain one by one

there are many kinds of curtain styles, and the selection range of curtain is also very wide. Electric fabric opening and closing curtain is one of them& quot; Electric fabric opening and closing curtain ", It is an upgraded product of manual fabric curtain, which is generally used for ultra-high large curtains. It is exquisite in production and decorated with tassels. It is beautiful and atmospheric. It is a fashionable and modern choice for hotels, conference halls, business places and homes. For electric curtain is also the purchase goal of many people, what are the characteristics of electric curtain? Now I will explain this question in detail, hoping to help you

advantages of electric cloth curtain opening and closing

choosing electric cloth curtain system can not only solve a series of problems caused by sunlight radiation, heat and glare, but also create a comfortable and warm environment for you conveniently

characteristics of electric fabric opening and closing curtains

1 Longer service life: the whole frame of the electric fabric opening and closing curtain adopts a more durable aluminum track rod. In order to ensure safety and firmness, it also inserts a metal wire sports track, which can reach a service life of more than 10 years. In the daily opening and closing process, if there is an obstacle, it can automatically stop, playing a better protective role

2. Daily use is simpler: in terms of shading, as long as you choose the fabric art with shading function, it is not different from the commonly used curtains. Some curtains also have sound insulation, heat insulation and other functions. Electric fabric opening and closing curtains will be more convenient and simpler to use on these bases

3. The operation mode can be selected: the curtain can be opened and closed by remote control or button, and it can also be operated manually to meet the switching of the two modes. If you want to control multiple curtains at the same time, you can also choose the function of group control, which is very smart and convenient

4. Flexible and low noise: when opening and closing automatically, the curtain operates smoothly and has less impact on the noise in the space

5. There are many choices of curtain materials: there are various choices of fabric curtain materials, whether pure cotton, hemp, polyester or other commonly used materials, can be installed on electric curtains, and the overall effect is the same as that of manual curtains

6. Wide range of use: it can be used in the living room and bedroom at home, which is beautiful and generous. Meeting rooms and villas with large windows will not appear low-grade, and opening and closing also saves human and material resources. Whether floor to ceiling windows or ordinary windows, electric curtains can be installed, which are widely used

7. Opening and closing power: the main motor can choose DC or AC according to the size of the curtain. If the window area is large, it can be guided by steel wire rope or guide rail

electric fabric opening and closing curtain production

the electric fabric opening and closing curtain system adopts a durable anodized aluminum track rod and a running track inserted with metal wires, which is more firm. Ensure a ten-year service life. When encountering obstacles, it can stop automatically to play a better protective role. It can be operated manually at the same time, which is convenient to use and smooth to operate

editor's summary: in the past, opening and closing curtains needed to be pulled manually, sometimes several times a day, which was very troublesome. The current electric fabric curtain opening and closing saves the time of manual opening and closing, and is directly controlled by remote control. Moreover, the quality is more guaranteed and the service life is longer

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