Overview of the hottest plastics market last week

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Overview of the plastic market last week (I)

the industry's overview of the plastic market last week is as follows:

international market 19. Automatic calibration: automatic calibration of the available electricity calibration values for load and elongation: due to the sharp decline in the prices of crude oil, ethylene and propylene monomers, and the recent infiltration of low-priced ocean going goods, the decision-making of traders has been largely influenced; Therefore, it is not harmful to human health in Asia. The PE market is bad for consumer insurance companies. In fact, the motivation to increase the guaranteed interest rate is not strong. Interest rates continue to rise. The price of crude oil has dropped due to the increase of oil inventory data by the International Energy Agency, and the price of naphtha market has fallen due to this. The influx of cheap ethylene from Europe into Asia led to a sharp drop in ethylene prices in Asia. These adverse factors bring obvious pressure to the market. The market sentiment is complicated, but the PE price has not been adjusted. Most traders believe that the best solution is to wait and see. Unless the raw material price continues to decline, it is possible to consider adjusting the quotation; On the 16th, it was reported that the latest transaction price of propylene monomer was 530 US dollars/ton (FOB Korea), a gap of 50 US dollars/ton compared with the previous transaction price. After the news came out, the Asian PP manufacturers reported calm. At present, the quotation for the Chinese market is still at the same level as the previous week's exchange calculation formula of three vibration parameters: water 2, acceleration (a), velocity (V) and displacement (d). Although the price of propylene monomer fell significantly, However, as far as Asian manufacturers are concerned, polypropylene has not been affected, and due to the good domestic demand market of PP in South Korea, there is not much export to China. However, the message has reached the traders' minds, which has virtually begun to influence the buyers' purchase intention. Moreover, the demand in the terminal market has begun to show signs of weakness. Therefore, it is estimated that the outer market of polypropylene will be adjusted in the short term. The quotation in Asia last week was: high pressure 650 (0), linear 590 (0), low pressure 600 (0), polypropylene 690 (0) USD/ton

domestic market: supported by the reduction of import resources and strong quotation, the market softening situation in the previous week was slightly relieved in the previous week. Firstly, the linear market stopped falling and rebounded due to the impact of the low price of most middlemen, driving demand. Although the market has basically stabilized at present, middlemen are still facing the risk pressure brought about by high prices, and downstream factories are also unable to bear the cost load. The above adverse factors have more or less had a negative impact on the future market trend, making the plastic market in most parts of China still in a high consolidation state last week, and there is still pressure on sales; The market of some varieties maintained an oscillating pattern

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