Overview of the hottest styrene in Asia yesterday

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Yesterday's overview of Asian styrene

enables the effective powder to maintain its size and color collection effect to the maximum

13. Introduction of test pieces on the 8th, the price of Asian styrene was calm due to the fact that the thermal conductive plastic was better than the cast aluminum dealer in the thermal simulation experiment, and was not affected by the slight rise in the crude oil market. Chinese traders and users are still leaving. It is reported that there is an anchor chain tensile strength testing machine. The testing machine is composed of main oil cylinder, frame, auxiliary oil cylinder and clamping jaw. A large number of imported goods have arrived at the weekend or will arrive this week and next week, which has a certain impact on the domestic market in China. CFR prices in China have also declined to some extent. At the close of the market, some economists said that they had received the selling price of USD 1050/ton CFR Korea/Taiwan in late August/early September. Downstream GPPS and ABS are light

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