Overview of the hottest voltage withstand tester

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Overview of withstand voltage tester

withstand voltage 6. Number of samples that can be installed: 120 standard samples (impact sample size: 10 × ten × 55mm) tester is also called electrical insulation strength tester or dielectric strength tester. It is also called dielectric breakdown device, insulation strength tester, high voltage tester, high voltage breakdown device, voltage withstand tester, etc. A test in which a specified AC or DC high voltage is applied between the live part and the non live part (generally the shell) of an electrical appliance to check the withstand voltage capacity of the insulating material of the electrical appliance. During long-term operation, the electrical appliance shall not only bear the rated working voltage, but also bear the overvoltage that is higher than the rated working voltage for a short time during operation (the overvoltage value may be several times higher than the rated working voltage value). Under the action of these voltages, the internal structure of electrical insulating materials will change. When the overvoltage intensity reaches a certain value, the insulation of the material will be broken down, and the electrical appliance will not operate normally, and the operator may get an electric shock, endangering personal safety

main test indicators of electrical safety include AC/DC withstand voltage, insulation resistance, leakage current, grounding resistance, etc. AC/DC voltage withstand test is used to test the electrical safety performance of the product under the actual working state. It is one of the important indicators to test the electrical safety performance of the equipment, which affects the stable supply of the product. At present, the voltage withstand tester seen in the market adopts GB4706 (equivalent to iec1010) standard, and most of them are single index test instruments with desktop structure, which can not meet the needs of users for multi index comprehensive test; Moreover, at present, most of the voltage withstand testers on the market use traditional testing methods, with low testing accuracy. There is a certain gap between the adopted technology and main performance indicators and the foreign advanced level, which can not fully meet the needs of the current development of electrical safety performance testing. Therefore, it is of great significance to study how to prevent universal testing machine from rusting in accordance with the latest international standards, and to adopt advanced technology and voltage withstand testing system with better performance indicators

the withstand voltage tester is mainly used for the withstand voltage tester of polyethylene insulated power cables, and can also be used for the insulation withstand voltage test of large power transformers. The withstand voltage tester is a new method to test the withstand voltage of power cables with ultra-low frequency and high voltage. Basic principle of the withstand voltage tester: apply a voltage higher than the normal working voltage to the insulator of the tested equipment for a specified period of time. If the insulation between them is good enough, the applied voltage will only produce a small leakage current. If the leakage current of an insulator of the tested equipment is kept within the specified range within the specified time, it can be determined that the tested equipment can operate safely under the normal operating conditions

the test system has three modules: program-controlled power supply module, signal acquisition and conditioning module and computer control system

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