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Tokyo rubber futures market overview

the Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) rubber futures ended its three-day decline on Wednesday. After a short decline at the beginning of the session, it rebounded driven by technical short covering, but each futures will still face the threat of technical selling pressure TOCOM index rubber contract in July rose by 3.9 yen, or about 1.6%, to 248 For example, some plungers do not work for 5 yen The contract fluctuated between 243.8 yen and 253.4 yen, which was only 0.2 yen below the daily limit The other five contracts ended 2.4 to 4.5 yen higher When the market went down, short covering emerged Other yen denominated commodities and the strength of Japanese stocks also stimulated the buying sentiment in the futures market However, after the recent decline, traders lack confidence in the future market A senior trader of a Japanese commodity brokerage company said: "the market really doesn't want to catch up with the rising futures. The technical rebound may continue, but I think it will take some time for the domestic rubber price to retest its recent high." To is expected to reduce its cost by 5-7%, and the turnover of such phenomenon as "superplasticity" reached 63733, compared with 36633 on Tuesday As of Tuesday, the number of open positions was 89911, and Monday was 96304

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