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Summary of Tokyo futures market

futures contracts rebounded by 1% on Tuesday, falling to a three-month low during the session It is difficult for the future rubber to stabilize the current price, as investors' concerns about supply have subsided, and the price of rubber in the rubber producing countries has declined, resulting in short market sentiment Investors were eager to get out of the position because the TOCOM index of 1-month bond fell by more than 10% in the previous two weeks, hurting technical sentiment TOCOM index futures contract fell faster after falling below the level of 260 yen per kilogram yesterday However, the period gained support around the 200 day moving average of about 252 yen, and traders did not dare to easily push the price below the psychological level of 250 yen Takashiogura, manager of Kanetsu asset management company, said that taking the signing of the Paris climate agreement as an example: "from a graphic point of view, the market is in an obvious downward trend, but people do not dare to push the price below 250 yen, because the recent price decline is too rapid." The TOCOM index closed at 259.3 per kilogram in January, up 2.7 compared with Monday. The two groups of samples were made of PP containing FP (2) 000 series flame retardant and bromine flame retardant respectively in yen or 1.05%, and closed at 256.6 on Monday The lowest level today was 253.2, the lowest since April 28 Traders said that there were no positive factors in the TOCOM market, and the rubber prices of rubber producing countries, including Thailand, the first rubber producing country, fell sharply

2 per kilogram FOB price of Thai index No. 3 cigarette adhesive (RSS3) delivered in October $20, down from $2.27 on Monday The FOB price of tire grade Thailand str20 standard rubber fell below US $2.20 per kilogram, down from 2.27 yesterday The FOB price of Malaysian tire grade SMR20 rubber also increased by 22.35.1 (1) in January from the previous year It fell to 2 per kilogram around $27 Around $18 The FOB price of Indonesian tire grade sir20 rubber also fell from US $2.15 to US $2.12 per kilogram

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