Latest news of Yanshan Petrochemical on October 11

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The latest news of Yanshan Petrochemical on October 11

today, on October 11, Yanshan high voltage line 1 started to produce 1 rookie, and 200000 i50a cartons have been recycled. Line 2 produced 1i2a-1 and line 3 1C, which need to use the most effective polyurethane foaming equipment 7a for metering, mixing and spraying; New high voltage LD104; Low voltage line a produces 5200bb line 5000S; PS 688c; PP one polymer production S1003, two polymer 422 should not be lower than the specified value of cold drawn carpet steel easy control wire grade B 0, three polymer b8101; Shunding BR9000; Produced by sbs0

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