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Discussion on new Huizhou merchants: adhering to the ancient Huizhou merchants' business Avenue, carefully build the new Huizhou merchants' spirit

recently, the grand convening of the new Huizhou merchants' conference has set off a national and even worldwide "Huizhou merchants fever", and Anhui is the peak of this heat wave. The government "sets up bases to attract relatives" in order to attract investment, enterprises "wear red decorations" in order to find opportunities, the advertising industry "waves flags and shouts" in order to build momentum, and the media circles "rush to tell each other" for hot spots, In order to be happy, the general public also "joined in the excitement". However, consulting institutions and academia, which are known for their rational thinking, cannot be lively for the excitement. They must be able to "think coldly" about the "Huizhou merchants craze". On this occasion, the author rationally "combed" the "business Avenue" of the ancient Huizhou merchants and Its Enlightenment to the new Huizhou merchants, so as to consult the new Huizhou merchants, encourage each other, revitalize the Huizhou merchants' spirit, and strive to strengthen Anhui's economy

if we only honor the ancient Huizhou merchants, it will be a little "Ah Q". If we only put the crown of "quality and spirit" of the ancient Huizhou merchants on our heads, it will inevitably be a little "funny". We must think calmly about what is the business avenue of ancient Huizhou merchants? Why did we Anhui people lose it? Can we get it back? Combined with the modern commercial society, how should we inherit the ancient Huizhou merchants' business Avenue, carry forward it, and carefully create the new Huizhou merchants' spirit

first, making a living · apprentice · entrepreneurial spirit

located in the mountainous area of Southern Anhui, ancient Huizhou, on the one hand, was separated by mountains, went through the war chaos in the changes of several dynasties without being disturbed, the population expanded sharply, and it was difficult to make a living with more mountains and less land; On the other hand, the exceptionally rich supplies and local specialties in mountainous areas have shown Huizhou people a realistic way out: go out of the mountains and replace farming with business. People are forced to take business as the main means of making a living. "I was born in Huizhou without cultivation in my previous life; I was twelve or thirteen years old and threw it out." I'm afraid the folk proverb of is the true portrayal of the reasons and habits of doing business

ancient Huizhou went into business to make a living, and found a more promising business and development space than farming. To earn a living as an apprentice, but by no means just to be an apprentice or a waiter. A. the adjustment of switch status is improper. First, let's talk about the experimental machine we produce: B. control the inside of the switch (poor contact or moving parts are stuck). After gaining experience, we set up our own business and began to live in the north and south of the river, on both sides of the Yellow River, as well as Japan, Silla, Southeast Asian countries and Portugal. All clans highly respected and supported their clansmen to go out to do business, which shows the entrepreneurial spirit of ancient Huizhou people

recently, Anhui is a province with a large population and agricultural economy. Due to geographical and natural reasons, "either waterlogging or drought", nearly one sixth of the total population of young adults work outside, and many old people, women or children beg for a living all over the country. Compared with the ancient and modern times, we can't help recalling the Huizhou merchants and looking for the Huizhou merchants' spirit. We have to call for the composite blades formed by this kind of process to have very excellent interlayer performance, and call on Anhui people to build the "new Huizhou merchants' spirit" as soon as possible, change the "working consciousness" into "entrepreneurial consciousness" and "business consciousness", and completely abandon the "beggar consciousness" of "laziness" and "waiting for help". If nearly one sixth of the total population of Anhui are starting businesses and doing business, we can imagine the future of Anhui

revelation 1: Anhui people are too lack of entrepreneurial spirit and business spirit. We call for it

II. Camel · Huizhou merchants · professionalism

camel, known as the "boat of the desert", is hardworking and hard-working, with excellent qualities such as dedication, perseverance, hard work, tenacity and enterprising. The personalized camel gives people a deep impression of fearing difficulties and dangers, enduring humiliation and bearing heavy burdens, traveling long distances, and being full of enterprising and pioneering spirit. No wonder Mr. Hu Shi once compared Hui Gang merchants with camel like will and quality to "Hui camels"

the people of ancient Huizhou were not only the pride of the mountains, but also the perseverance and tenacity of the mountain people. They fought hard for a better life, climbed mountains and valleys for the wealth of their hometown, walked out of the mountains, and were not afraid of difficulties. Moreover, they were industrious and simple, creating the brilliance of Huizhou merchants for hundreds of years

looking at Anhui today, we must reflect: the landscape of Huizhou is still there, but the camel spirit is difficult to find. Whether we have developed laziness, lost a few perseverance, struggled less, made insufficient progress, and lacked tenacity. In sharp contrast, Zhejiang merchants picked up the magic weapon of our ancestors, dominated the business world, and set foot inside and outside China, making Anhui people ashamed, and we have no face to face our ancestors

revelation 2: Nowadays, Anhui people are too lack of "camel spirit" and too need professionalism. We call for it

III. integrity, benevolence and righteousness, the foundation of business

the creed and criterion of Huizhou merchants: "there is a way to make money, justice is for benefit, not profit"; "Wealth comes from the Tao, and profit comes from righteousness", etc., which can be said to be the spirit of his career in various places. Wu Nanpo, a Huizhou businessman, followed the honest business way of "people prefer trade fraud, I prefer trade faith, and never cheat on the price of five foot boy decoration". He has been practicing it for a long time, consistently, and has been highly praised by the four parties. It has been passed on by the public, so that every time customers enter the market, as long as they see that it is Wu Nanpo's firm, they just go to buy goods, buy and leave, regardless of whether the goods they buy are good or bad, and whether there is more or less. To reach such a state, we can think of its integrity

from deep mountains and remote areas, why can Huizhou merchants who "live in all directions" take root in all parts of the world, stand firmly in the commercial port and remain invincible? By what? It depends on "honesty, benevolence and righteousness". As the old saying goes, "no business trades without fraud", Huizhou merchants scrupulously abide by their faith and operate honestly, which has reached a touching level. Hui merchant Xu Xian concluded from this: "only treat people sincerely, people will be convinced; let art control things, and things will not kiss at last"

recently, it has been kept warm at a high temperature of 950 ~ 1250 ℃ for 20, 30, 60 and 90min respectively. In today's social transformation period, when the market economy has not yet developed and formed, and the market order still needs to be improved, in an era of great shortage of "integrity", whether the new Huizhou merchants can quickly pick up the magic weapon of their ancestors to do business and take the lead in practicing it will determine whether the Anhui people who have already engaged in business can establish a firm foothold, Establish their own grand foundation

revelation 3: in the era of lack of integrity, whoever has integrity will gain huge benefits from it

IV. the foundation of valuing commerce, learning and industry

ancient Huizhou people valued commerce and learning, and they produced both tycoons and Confucianism in successive dynasties, which is related to the worldly philosophy they have believed in for generations. Huizhou, a special region, once advantaged in the long feudal society of China, developed economy and culture, and cultivated Huizhou people to advocate "erudition, knowledge and knowledge, and good deeds without laziness

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