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Analysis and prediction of the development trend of the future text printing market in an instant, 2011 has passed. After a year of fierce competition, the text printing equipment has developed more rapidly in the Chinese market, with faster demand growth, richer products and better services. This market is maturing. So what are the development trends of the text printing market in the future? Let's first analyze the global text printing market

● 2012 global text printing market brief analysis

in the global IT product market, there are not many fields with more than 100 billion dollars. In addition to notebook and other markets, the global market size of printing equipment and related consumables products also exceeds 100 billion dollars, which may surprise many people. However, different from other IT products, whether laser printers, inkjet printers, or large text printing equipment, the technical barriers are very high, the number of brands participating in the competition is relatively small, a few manufacturers with core technologies occupy most of the market share, and foreign manufacturers encounter great resistance in technical patents and product research and development, so few manufacturers enter, However, domestic brand bentu has actively entered the market. In the past year, its courage and courage has become one of the focuses of the industry

interpret the printing market trend in 2012

from the perspective of the geographical distribution of printing brands, HP, Xerox and Lexmark are from the United States, Samsung is from South Korea, and the number of Japanese brands is very large, including canon, Epson, brother, Oki, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Fuji Xerox, Kyocera, sharp and Toshiba. China has Lenovo and Bento, becoming the fourth country with core printing technology. All mainstream printer brands add up to only about 20. According to the product category market, in China, more than 90% of the inkjet printer market is occupied by HP, Canon and Epson, and more than 80% of the laser printer market is occupied by HP, Canon, Fuji Xerox, Samsung and Lenovo

it is indeed a reliable material. The global geographical distribution of text printing brands

look at the above brands. Most brands have rich comprehensive businesses, few have a single product line, and office printing equipment is only a part of their business type. Taking HP as an example, the three business groups of China Huipu are enterprise computing and professional services group (TSG) Information products group (PSG) and printing and imaging systems group (IPG) cover computing software and hardware services, as well as personal consumer electronics products such as notebooks and desktops, as well as output devices such as inkjet and laser printing. In other words, most of these text printing giants are giants in the whole IT industry or manufacturers with strong competitiveness in a certain field. This common ground is reflected in many printer brands. Canon's achievements in the imaging field cannot be underestimated. Epson has a very high market share in the projection machine field. Brother companies not only have printers, but also well-known sewing machines in the industry, We are familiar with Lenovo and Samsung, not to mention many different types of it business

Xerox and Fuji Xerox's business scope

however, there are exceptions. Lexmark, which was split from IBM's printing department in the early years, takes document printing management and document printing equipment as its main business. Xerox, the father of laser printing, and now Fuji Xerox, take document printing and printing business as their main business, and the domestic brand Bento takes printers and consumables as its main business

a4 all-in-one machine has grown more rapidly in the past few years

according to the type of users, the personal and household user base is huge, but at present, the application and demand for text printing equipment are growing slowly, and there is great growth potential in the future, but appropriate applications and low-cost products are needed to detonate the market. The demand of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises and business users for text printing is growing rapidly. It is understood that China's laser printer market has grown by more than double digits. Users now prefer multi-functional printing equipment with rich functions and high cost performance. Such users have a weak concept of text printing management and need to be strengthened in text printing management. However, enterprise document printing users with higher requirements still have a high demand for multi-function compound machine due to the large volume of document printing. However, due to the small proportion of A3 document printing volume, it is possible to switch to A4 compound machine with lower purchase cost and more flexibility

in the following, the author uses several keywords to analyze the changes of the printing market in 2011 and the development trend of the printing market in 2012

● five changes in the text printing market in 2011

the needs of users are not only more and more complex, but also constantly changing. Perhaps last year, several 16 page/minute black-and-white scarves can meet their needs. With the growth of business volume and the increase of office staff, a year later, several multifunctional machines with higher performance are needed, and users need to upgrade and replace the existing text printing equipment. Changes in users' needs are not only brought about by business changes, but also may be due to enterprise transformation, company development, and the pursuit of cost control and efficiency improvement, which may have an impact on enterprise printing. In such a demand environment, the text printing market has also changed in the past year

★ performance improvement will encounter bottlenecks

among the new printing products launched in 2011, the performance will be slightly improved again. After all, performance is one of the important basis for the classification of printing equipment grades and prices. Among them, enterprises with high brand awareness have transferred their core competitiveness to product functions and humanized design, while some brands use differentiated competition to improve the performance of printers and open up the differences with competing products. A very intuitive example is that the speed of Lianxiang's entry-level black-and-white laser printer with brother has been increased to 24 pages and 26 pages/minute, while HP Canon and other brands' entry-level black-and-white beating speed is still between pages/minute, and the performance gap of models at the same price is further widened

in the future, the space for improving the performance of printing equipment will be smaller and smaller, and the cost war of consumables may become a new battlefield of competition. Humanized design, stability, life, centralized management and network application are the new focus of future competition

★ rich and promising functions

all in one machine with richer functions

with the reduction of the price of all-in-one machine, the growth rate of all-in-one machine and multi-function machine has accelerated, and users are more inclined to choose a lot of all-in-one machines when choosing printing equipment. Even for single function printers, their functions are becoming richer and richer, such as networking, automatic double-sided printing, card printing, etc. functions that used to be bought at a higher price may now be the standard configuration of printers, and there are more and more printing devices supporting wired and wireless networks. The wireless laser printing product line laid out by Samsung in 2011 is impressive

★ cost reduction to find a way out

in the past year, the reduction of consumables cost has become the theme throughout the year. In the ink-jet product line, Epson ink bin printer reduced the cost of original printing to an unprecedented low price, and then hit the original black ink of 29 yuan in the home computer, opening the prelude to the cost war of original consumables for ink-jet printing

in the laser product line, general consumables and original consumables are always competing. The price loosening of original toner cartridges and toners in 2011 is not obvious, but there are signs that the price reduction of original consumables is sooner or later. Ricoh launched the original laser printer and toner that can be filled with powder, which brought more than an uproar to the industry. This series of water testing models of Ricoh not only added choice to consumers, but also promoted the change of printer profit model

★ green energy saving technology

when the printer performance improvement meets a bottleneck and the relationship between users' requirements for cost and brand profit is difficult to balance, under the wind of green technology, text printing equipment have played the green energy-saving card. For printing equipment that should stop immediately, it can save electricity by reducing standby, sleep power consumption and working energy consumption, and the melting point is lower. New toner, LED technology 0-second preheating technology is born for energy saving

text printing equipment pays more attention to green and low carbon

it is gratifying that the dormant energy consumption of printers has been reduced to less than 1W, and the working energy consumption of printers is also steadily reduced. The energy consumption saved by a printer is not much, but the energy consumption of millions of laser printing equipment in the national market is a huge figure, Energy conservation and emission reduction will become a continuous topic and innovation direction in the text printing market. In fact, children's bicycle material experimental machines are rare

★ intelligent technology shows its magic power

text printing equipment has entered the era of intelligence

in an era of the outbreak of intelligent terminals, if an IT product is not related to intelligence, it must be out of date, and printing equipment is no exception, one after another with intelligence and intelligence. HP's smart drive, automatic switching technology and cloud printing eprint are intelligent, Canon's smart Compact business complex machine is intelligent, Fuji Xerox's smart electronics technology and zero wait experience are intelligent, Samsung's smart page printing function is intelligent, and so on. However, in my opinion, smart printing has just begun, and its development potential is huge, and intelligent technology will become a direction of the development of text printing equipment

● five key words of printing in 2012

what is the development trend of the printing industry in the future? At the beginning of 2012, paulrooke, chairman of Lexmark International Co., Ltd., publicly said: the first market development trend is distributed access and multi-function; The second trend is to manage printing services; The third trend is mobility; The fourth trend is the acquisition of non structural content; The fifth trend is to connect information and enterprise business processes; The sixth trend is the trend of cloud

however, from the perspective of the Chinese text printing market, the four key words of mobile office, cloud printing, multi-function, and print management services are the development trend of text printing in 2012, which contains the greatest business opportunities

★ enterprise content management

enterprise content management, referred to as ECM, is a strategy, method and tool for acquiring, managing, storing, maintaining, and transmitting documents and content related to enterprise processes. ECM manages information in all areas of the enterprise, including paper documents, electronic documents, database print streams, and e-mail. Reasonable and efficient ECM will bring great impetus to enterprises, help enterprises save printing costs, improve work efficiency and simplify management processes. At present, text printing manufacturers have entered this field to help enterprises improve content management through software and hardware

★ print management service

print management service, referred to as MPs for short, is gradually regarded as a strategic business tool to manage it costs and improve business process efficiency. Analysis shows that HP's enterprise printing and imaging operation plan can save 30% - 80% of energy consumption and reduce the consumption of millions of sheets of paper. In some large companies and enterprises, print management services become more and more important, because decentralized equipment and scattered business processes are not conducive to the improvement of office efficiency and enterprise data security, and it is difficult to control the late cost. Through print management services, equipment management, user management, log management and print management can be carried out, which can reduce management costs, improve printing efficiency and ensure enterprise information security. It is an important measure to comply with the development of enterprise information construction

all major printing solution providers have corresponding marks

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