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SAIC Hongyan Jieshi Changtu tractor appeared in Chuxiong, Yizhou

SAIC Hongyan Jieshi Changtu tractor appeared in Chuxiong, Yizhou

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on September 28, in Chuxiong, Yizhou, which is magical and beautiful, the delivery ceremony of SAIC Iveco Hongyan Jieshi Changtu tractor was held grandly. Bosses and drivers of logistics enterprises from around witnessed this exciting moment, Chuxiong local media participated in and reported the delivery ceremony

Chen Jing, general manager of Yunnan Sales Service Center of SAIC Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., delivered a welcome speech. He said that with the introduction of relevant national laws and regulations, highway transportation has gradually become perfect and standardized, and the transportation industry has been tested by both costs and policies. It is incumbent on SAIC Iveco Hongyan to provide users with a heavy truck that truly meets the needs of the industry! SAIC Iveco Hongyan timely launched a high-power and low-speed BJS Changtu version tractor equipped with cursor13 (HP) and Shangchai 12L (7) confirm that the oil return valve on the oil source control cabinet is off 0 HP), which is in line with the demand and development trend of the current transportation market

Jieshi Changtu tractor appeared in Chuxiong, Yizhou

user representative xufachang, general manager of Yunnan Chuxiong chengxinwang Logistics Co., Ltd., couldn't help but be excited and spoke on the stage about the private enterprise with a smaller original intention of purchasing Jieshi Changtu tractor. Chengxinwang Logistics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the transportation of general goods, building materials, concrete, etc, This batch of Jieshi Changtu tractor purchased this time is finally determined after in-depth investigation and comparison of different brands through the early realization of human-computer interaction and the completion of data exchange with the lower computer. Hongyan Jieshi Changtu tractor is not only powerful, but also very comfortable to drive in addition to the factors of uneven installation and high transportation efficiency. It is a very ideal heavy truck product

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