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Safety measures for coal cleaning in carbon silos and silos

because there is too much coal on the ground and the bottom wall of carbon silos, according to the arrangement of the company, it is decided to clean the remaining coal in the ground carbon silos and silos. In order to ensure the safety during coal cleaning, the following safety measures are formulated

first, labor tasks: coal, carbon, coal storage bunker cleaning

Second, construction time: 7:00~10:30 every morning

Third, labor organization and arrangement: a total of 36 production management cadres, 13 in each group, are responsible for silo cleaning; A total of 40 ground logistics management cadres, 20 in each group, are responsible for carbon warehouse cleaning, one group per day, in turn

IV. construction organization and job responsibilities:

1. Organization:

team leader: Pan Lezhi, Yang qinjun

deputy team leaders: Gao Junjian, pan Youming, Liu Yanming, Zhang Deyou, Yang zhanbing

members: managers of all production and business departments

2. Job responsibilities:

team leader: as the general construction commander, responsible for the construction process and safety management during the construction period

deputy team leader: Gao Junjian and passenger car enterprises are also willing to pay brand premium for high-quality batteries. Pan Youming is responsible for the specific work arrangement and safety work of silo cleaning. Liu Yanming and Zhang Deyou are responsible for the specific work arrangement and safety work of carbon warehouse cleaning. Yang zhanbing is responsible for the overall work of electromechanical transportation

members: obey the arrangement of the person in charge and do their own work well

v. safety measures for cleaning the silo:

1. All personnel participating in the construction must obey the order and obey the command. Young and strong hearted personnel must be selected for construction in the silo, and labor discipline must be strictly observed. The details of each shift shall be commanded on site according to the specific situation

2. Before construction, first clean up the sundries around the top belt rack and silo to strictly prevent falling injury

3. Before cleaning the silo, first check the gas concentration in the silo (no more than 0.5% to help customers stay ahead of the industry through continuous innovation) and whether the pulley and lifting rope on the upper part of the silo are fixed firmly, so as to eliminate the surrounding hidden dangers. Personnel must wear safety belts and helmets, and clean it section by section from the top to the bottom. Only after the coal above is cleaned, can they clean it down

4. No smoking is allowed around and inside the silo

5. When entering the silo, the construction personnel first deal with the live coal around the silo from top to bottom, and then fix the operation platform with wooden boards in a safe place around the silo. The personnel must stand firmly and are not allowed to enter the center

6. When personnel go down the silo, the pulley lifting should be at a uniform speed, and the rope pulling personnel should concentrate on ensuring personnel safety

7. During the construction process, the personnel should cooperate with each other, not make noise, and do a good job in joint insurance and mutual insurance, so as to prevent slipping, scratching or bumping

8. When lifting tools in the silo, they must be tied firmly. First inform the operators in the silo to stop working, pay attention to observation, and strictly prevent accidental injury

9. During construction, there must be two people at the silo mouth, and any problem found shall be reported to the team leader in time for handling

10. During construction, at least two portable meters or tile detectors shall be carried in each shift to ensure sensitivity, reliability and accurate data. When the gas concentration is greater than 0.5%, people must be evacuated in time and reported to the dispatching room at the same time

11. A specially assigned person must be responsible for the safety of the construction in the warehouse, observe the top and surrounding conditions, withdraw immediately in case of any abnormality, and stop immediately in case of illegal command and operation

12. The person in charge of silo cleaning must check on site and deal with hidden dangers in time to ensure safe construction

13. After cleaning, tools, materials and sundries must be cleaned to ensure that there are no sundries in the warehouse

VI. safety measures for cleaning up the carbon Bin:

1. This is an important link to test the main performance of the torsion bar. All personnel participating in the construction must obey orders and strictly abide by labor discipline

2. Before cleaning the carbon bin, first check whether there are wooden boards, stones, wooden columns and other sliding objects in the bin. If found, first clean them up, and then enter the carbon bin for construction

3. The construction personnel must follow the principle of from top to bottom and from high to low when operating. The operators at the warehouse opening must build the operation platform with wooden boards and stand on the operation platform. They must stand firmly during operation to prevent falling into the warehouse

4. The cleaning personnel shall not crowd, help and cooperate with each other, and cooperate inside and outside to ensure safe construction

5. The heels of construction personnel outside the carbon warehouse should be stepped firmly to prevent slipping and falling

6. During cleaning, each shift must designate a person with high safety awareness and strong heart to observe the surrounding conditions of the carbon bin. If any abnormality is found, stop the operation immediately and report to the team leader for collaborative handling

7. The person in charge of carbon warehouse cleaning shall check the site, and the personnel shall be properly arranged to ensure the construction progress and safety

VII. All construction personnel must carefully study this measure and sign. Those not mentioned in this measure shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant contents of the coal mine safety regulations

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