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The safety syringe market extends with the extension of the concept of medical safety

the conservative estimate of the Chinese market is also 6.5 billion tubes/year. After the elimination of existing traditional syringes and the full use of self destruction syringes, the capacity of the safety syringe market obviously has a great temptation for manufacturers

after the elimination of existing traditional syringes and the full adoption of self destructing syringes, the capacity of the safe injection Market is obviously a great temptation for manufacturers. However, in fact, the total demand for syringes in the Chinese market is about 4billion tubes/year

"disposable direct injection special ampoule" is a self destructing syringe, which integrates drug powder, water for injection and cleverly designed disposable syringe. When using extruder industry development still has large market space, just pull out the syringe bolt to complete the mixing of drug powder and water for injection with serious corrosion problems, which is not only convenient for injection, but also saves time and avoids pollution. In addition, the syringe also has the function of automatic destruction, ensuring one-time use and avoiding iatrogenic infection. According to Er, this new technology has broad market prospects

according to the latest research report from Freedonia consulting, the fastest growing demand in the global pharmaceutical packaging market is syringe and syringe packaging, of which plastic self destruction syringes will grow at an annual rate of 1.8%, reaching US $5.9 billion in 2007

according to the definition of safe injection by the World Health Organization (who), safe injection should include three aspects: first, it is harmless to the recipients; Secondly, the above is the relevant introduction to the impact of improper installation of the tensile testing machine on the machine. Health care personnel do not pose any danger; Thirdly, the waste produced by injection does not pose a hazard to society

according to the analysis of relevant experts, one of the main reasons for the growth of market demand for safe injection is that it can prevent infection

according to WHO estimates, injection, as a common treatment in medical procedures, is implemented by about 12billion people worldwide every year, of which about 50% are unsafe. There are many factors that cause unsafe injection, among which the injection equipment should be paid special attention. The report introduces the charging policy of shopping bags in phase 2 to disinfect and reuse syringes. Every year, 8million to 16million people in the world are infected with hepatitis B due to unsafe injection, 2.3 million to 4.7 million people are infected with hepatitis C virus, and 82.16 million people are infected with AIDS virus. Relevant data show that 63% of AIDS infected people in China are infected by intravenous drug use. Among 635000 vaccination sites across the country, only 30 can achieve one needle, one tube or one-time injection for one person, which is relatively safe. 5%, while the unsafe injection with one needle per person (without changing the needle tube) was 51.6%

at the same time, it is not only patients who face the threat of unsafe injection. Not long ago, at the "safe injection in action seminar" held by the China Alliance for safe injection in Beijing, an official of the medical administration department of the Ministry of Health revealed that "at present, 1million medical personnel are injured by needles every year, of which 84.6% are nurses". Among all stabbing incidents, 60% occurred when using "general discarded needles for injection", which is also related to the frequent use of such needles

unsafe injection has become a global public health problem because of its great harm. For this purpose; The World Health Organization (who) requires its member states to use "self destruction syringes" from 2005 to prevent the transmission of diseases caused by the repeated use of traditional syringes

China also attaches great importance to this. In order to ensure the quality of syringes, China has issued the regulations on the administration of medical devices and the measures for the administration of disposable medical devices; In order to ensure the correct operation of the injection process, China issued the "clinical technical operation specifications"; In order to ensure the proper treatment of medical waste, the "Regulations on the management of medical waste" has also been issued, requiring medical and health institutions to collect the medical waste produced by their own units in time and place it in special packages or closed containers that prevent leakage and sharp penetration according to categories

at the "safe injection in action seminar" held not long ago, the China safe injection alliance also formulated the "2006-2010 China safe injection action plan", pointing out that the phased goals of safe injection are to improve the adoption rate of safe and self destructible syringes; Improve the popularity of safe injection knowledge; Improve the harmless treatment rate of injection waste in medical and health institutions

as for the capacity of China's safe injection Market, some people calculate that the population of the United States is about 300million, and its annual use of syringes is 7.3 billion, with an average of 25 needles per person per year; Even if calculated according to 20% of the per capita consumption in the United States (the average annual consumption per person is conservatively estimated to be about 5 needles), the conservative estimate of the Chinese market will reach 6.5 billion needles/year. After the elimination of existing traditional syringes and the full use of self destruction syringes, the capacity of the safety syringe market obviously has a great temptation for manufacturers. However, in fact, the total demand for syringes in China's market is about 4billion tubes/year

some people believe that the main reason is the serious problem of reuse. An official from the medical administration department of the Ministry of Health pointed out at the "safe injection in action seminar": "At present, the following unsafe injection behaviors are common in medical institutions all over the country, especially in grass-roots hospitals and clinics below the county level: syringe disinfection does not meet the standard; disposable syringes are used repeatedly; fake and inferior syringes are used in clinical practice; improper injection operations cause traumatic paralysis; pyrogen reaction caused by injection drugs; improper post injection treatment, needle stabbing injury occurs, or syringes are used by criminals and re flow to the market , posing a threat to public health

the solution of 100% safe injection is to use self destructing syringes, which technically eliminates the potential safety hazard of reusing disposable syringes

at present, domestic self destructing syringes are facing the problem of popularization and use. According to the manufacturer, the price of self destruction syringes is 1t3 higher than that of ordinary disposable syringes. The supply price of ordinary disposable syringes produced by regular enterprises is about 6.45 yuan/piece, while the self destruction products with good versatility are more than 0.6 yuan/piece. Market development is difficult due to the influence of price factors and medical expense management restrictions. It is reported that China currently consumes more than 100 million self destruction syringes a year, accounting for only about 2% of China's disposable syringe output. However, with the improvement of people's awareness of safe injection and the macro-control of the government's policies, the comprehensive promotion of self destructing syringes in China will be achieved in five to ten years

in addition, with regard to the design of domestic self destruction syringes, experts believe that it is important to solve the problem of self destruction of needles after use. At present, many products only consider the measures that the syringe push rod cannot be pulled back or the rubber plug can fall off, which can not effectively solve the hidden danger of needle reuse

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