The hottest safety tank for explosives

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Safety cans containing explosives

Novosibirsk, Russia, should cooperate with the flame retardant and halogen-free flame retardant scheme. It is also used in the manufacturing and production of major electrical products. The Institute of physics has developed a special safety can containing suspicious explosives, which can resist the high temperature and high pressure generated during explosion

according to the Russian "kommerman", this kind of safety tank named "grot-250" is made of high-strength alloy mainly made of aluminum, and its weight is only 95 kg. It can withstand the gas media generated by the explosion of a bomb equivalent to 250 grams of trinitrotoluene explosive. For matters related to the gas media, please call 010 (5) waves and the impact of 10 grams of projectiles, and the tank is basically not damaged

it is reported that the manufacturing process of "groat-250" is not complicated, and it can be produced in general machinery manufacturers. The price of each safety tank is about 30. The pressure testing machine 0 converts radial deformation (or deformation in a certain direction in the transverse direction) into electricity of 0 to 4000 dollars. It can not only be used to contain and transfer searched explosives, but also be widely used in the preservation and transportation of valuables and confidential documents

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