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Editor's note: at the 11th printing information exchange conference in 2008, Mr. nname w:st= "on" productid= "Yang Bin", vice president of Beijing Founder Electronics Co., Ltd., mainly described the development trend of inkjet printing and gave a detailed description of the inkjet printing products of Founder Eagle Jet

I. The general trend of inkjet printing

the rise of digital printing marks that traditional printing has been saturated. In recent years, digital printing has developed rapidly. As can be seen from the table below, the growth of digital printing is significantly higher than that of traditional printing

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comparison between electrostatic laser imaging and inkjet imaging


electrostatic laser imaging

inkjet imaging

printing speed

there is a speed bottleneck

there is an order of magnitude increase

amplitude and color group

narrow width is the main, and the cost of wide width is high

format and flexible color deck configuration

media adaptability

contact type, paper media

non-contact type, A wide range of media

operating costs

high toner costs

low ink costs

hybrid printing

cannot be combined with traditional printing

can be installed on traditional printing equipment

from the table, we can see that inkjet imaging technology has obvious advantages. At the drupa 2008 exhibition just held, inkjet printers became the main venue of the exhibition, and two types of inkjet printing applications have matured for commercial printing, One is typical variable data printing, including billing and direct mail, such as Kodak vl2000, screen jet520, OCE jetstream2200, Miyakoshi MJP 20V, Agfa dotrix, etc. The other is the digital printing field most suitable for current inkjet technology, such as digital labels, such as screen, Mimaki, ffei nilmeter, EFI jetrion, Epson, stork, Konica Minolta, Peking University Founder, etc. At the same time, commercial printing and publishing printing prototypes are emerging, such as Kodak stream, HP inkjet webpress, Institute of rubber and plastic machinery, Beijing University of chemical technology. After years of systematic research on melt gear pump s, Fujifilm jetpress 720, screen truepressjet SX, etc. Therefore, the development of inkjet printing is imperative

the prospect of inkjet printing

in today's society, people's needs tend to be personalized and are slowly moving closer to family life. Some manufacturers claim that the cost of ink-jet color printing will reach 1 cent/a4, and the cut-off point with the cost of offset printing will reach 10000. More than 75% of live parts will be more suitable for ink-jet printing. At the same time, ink-jet printing will no longer be a supplement to traditional printing, and is expected to become another mainstream printing method after offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing and silk screen printing. In terms of application, inkjet will also show its ambition in industrial applications

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