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SAIC Hongyan's new posture is flying

in Boao, where "fish are plentiful and fish are fat", SAIC Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SAIC Hongyan") announced: after standing up in 2017, we will run in 2018 and fly in 2019

on December 19, SAIC Hongyan, which has achieved the 2018 annual sales target, came to the Boao Forum for Asia convention center again to hold the 2019 annual marketing business conference

there is an unwritten rule within SAIC that only brands that achieve the annual sales target are eligible to hold the annual business conference in Boao. "This year, we came again." Lou Jianping, general manager of SAIC Hongyan, said so

so, what new achievements did SAIC Hongyan achieve in 2018 after completing rapid growth for two consecutive years? What does 2019 rely on to speed up? At the scene, what famous sentences will the blue pine with continuous golden sentences reveal


from 666 to 777

in 2018, SAIC Hongyan achieved the "666" target: Sales of 60000 vehicles, ranking sixth in the industry, with a market share of 6%. In 2019, Lou Jianping set the annual target of SAIC Hongyan as "777": sales volume of 70000 vehicles, market share of 7%, and seven key work directions

Xia Hongbin, Party Secretary of SAIC Hongyan company, said that in 2018, the "Hongyan speed" continued unabated, "the king of Engineering" was widely expected, "smart heavy truck" came out first, and SAIC Hongyan stepped up to a new level and achieved the goal of truly "running"

Xia Hongbin, Party Secretary of SAIC Hongyan company

Shi yichai, executive deputy general manager of SAIC Hongyan and general manager of the marketing company, summarized the results of "running" into naked figures: in 2018, SAIC Hongyan sold 58017 heavy trucks, with a year-on-year increase of 45%, jumping from the seventh place in the industry last year to the sixth place in the industry; Among them, the dump truck exceeded the annual target and jumped to the first place in the domestic dump truck industry. He said, "according to the statistical caliber of the China Automobile Industry Association, the market share of Hongyan heavy truck increased from 3.6% in 2017 to 5.2% in 2018. This achievement, which is far beyond the overall growth rate of the industry, is not only an affirmation of one year's hard work, but also a return to the market."

Shi yichai, executive deputy general manager of SAIC Hongyan company and general manager of marketing company

focusing on the "777" goal, Lou Jianping analyzed that in 2019, we should continue to maintain the advantage of "king of engineering vehicles" and continue to deepen market segmentation; At the same time, open points, lines and areas from the four market segments, improve the sales of road vehicles, and achieve the target of tractor share of 3.8%; In the field of special vehicles, relying on the "blue sky action", optimize the product structure, innovate and develop new products. Moreover, with the release of the R & D mode of "spider smart selection", SAIC Hongyan will promote the process of intellectualization and customization in 2019, and accelerate the transformation from "Hongyan manufacturing" to "Hongyan smart manufacturing"

Lou Jianping, general manager of SAIC Hongyan company


from the sixth to the first

"this year, what makes me feel the most is that the morale of SAIC Hongyan team has changed significantly. Everyone has an upward spirit than in the past, passing on new strength belonging to Hongyan's blood." A participant who has participated in SAIC Hongyan business annual meeting for many times told auto watch

"in 2018, SAIC Hongyan's wolf team is forming, and the construction of three teams has been implemented and achieved initial results, which has solved the problem of a single path for employees' career advancement and development. However, the overall ability of the team is obviously insufficient, and the enthusiasm of innovation consciousness and independent consciousness is still insufficient." Lou Jianping is therefore an ideal material to choose from in the harsh production environment at the meeting

it is reported that the smell of SAIC Hongyan team is becoming more and more sensitive. After the Hongyan team implemented the "working overnight", the dealers' complaints about "it is difficult to work in Hongyan" became less and less. As the saying goes, "if people are right, the world is right"

for the changes of SAIC Hongyan in 2018, LAN Qingsong, vice president of SAIC Group and chairman of SAIC Hongyan, affirmed: "in 2018, SAIC Hongyan team achieved good results, its market analysis became more and more thorough, and the comprehensive ability of the team continued to improve."

at the same time, LAN Qingsong also put forward higher requirements for SAIC Hongyan: take advantage of the situation to achieve leapfrog development. "In 2015, SAIC Hongyan's total sales volume was less than 20000 vehicles; in 2021, SAIC Hongyan will achieve a total sales volume of more than 100000 vehicles, and China's plastic extruder industry is moving towards a healthy and sustainable progress, entering the first tier of China's heavy truck industry. It has increased nearly six times in more than five years, which is a leap forward growth."

LAN Qingsong, vice president of SAIC Group and chairman of SAIC Hongyan

as we all know, leapfrog development has the attribute of "SAIC" in the development history of SAIC Group. SAIC Group, which ranks first in the sales of Chinese brand cars, accounted for 25% of the market in the first October of 2018. LAN Qingsong asked SAIC Hongyan to reach the target of 25% of China's heavy truck market and achieve a leap forward. Today, FAW Jiefang, the No. 1 heavy truck market in China, has a market share of nearly 25%, and its market share and ranking are very similar to that of SAIC Group. He stressed, "in 2019, SAIC Hongyan dump truck segment should first achieve a 25% market share."

in 2016, it seemed that Lan Qingsong's first participation in SAIC Hongyan business annual meeting was still yesterday. At that time, LAN Qingsong, who had to wake up Hongyan with two big sticks, asked that SAIC Hongyan's market share should reach at least 5%. At that time, LAN Qingsong was firm: "because the knockout competition of China's heavy truck market has begun, only when the market share reaches more than 5% can we have the right to speak in the market. On the contrary, there will be no voice of SAIC Hongyan in the heavy truck market." At that time, SAIC Hongyan sold 16000 vehicles in 2016, with a market share of 2.1%. At that time, LAN Qingsong requested that SAIC Hongyan's market share target be more than 3.7% in 2017 and 5% in 2018

at that time, it seems that the impossible market share goal of quadrupling in two consecutive years has become a reality. It can be inferred that SAIC Hongyan's leap forward goal of squeezing into the first tier is also very worthy of the expectation of the industry


from selling products to selling services

Lou Jianping judged: "in the future, the total demand of China's heavy truck market will remain stable in the range of 850000 to 900000 vehicles. In 2019, SAIC Hongyan will seize market opportunities such as the implementation of the national six year plan, the replacement of the national three car plan, the blue sky defense war, new energy products, and industry cycle adjustment, seize market share, and continue to improve the five capabilities of products, marketing, management and control, systems, and teams."

in 2018, SAIC Hongyan's engineering vehicle sales reached 42688, accounting for a large proportion of the overall sales, while the proportion of tractors is very small. This requires that SAIC Hongyan must make a difference in the tractor market in 2019. Basic inputs such as product upgrading, technological innovation and service upgrading have been fully prepared for SAIC Hongyan, and whether the tractor and C2B customized platform repeatedly mentioned at the annual meeting can make a breakthrough will be the decisive factor for SAIC Hongyan to achieve its 2019 goals

after all, they are not only the weakness of SAIC Hongyan, but also the innovation of SAIC Hongyan's differentiated management. It is worth mentioning that affected by user demand, industry ecology, intelligent interconnection and other factors, SAIC Hongyan, backed by SAIC Group, is constantly missing short versions, catching up, and trying to shake the competitive pattern of China's heavy truck market

in 2019, SAIC Hongyan will work together on the products of the four systems. In order to ensure the completion of the sales target of 70000 vehicles in 2019, Lou Jianping broke down the target: 44000 engineering dump trucks, 15000 tractors, 4000 trucks and 7000 special purpose vehicles. In addition, there are 5000 vehicles in the overseas market

as for SAIC Hongyan's practice of using the advantages of smart link to power the road tractor market, LAN Qingsong said flatly, "we should take back the modest market share." He asked SAIC Hongyan to increase the market share of tractors in 2019

at the same time, LAN Qingsong requires SAIC Hongyan to transform to digital, and the transformation to digital should be efficient and effective. He stressed, "in the next five to ten years, if we don't transform to digitalization, enterprises will be eliminated. Therefore, SAIC Hongyan should change from selling products to selling goods and travel, and from selling products to selling services. Therefore, we should embrace the future, Internet and intelligence."

undoubtedly, in the tide of the development of automotive intelligence, heavy trucks as means of production have the most commercial development prospects. As LAN Qingsong said, "the heavy truck itself is a private customized product, and C2B just solves the problem of small batch and long delivery cycle in the heavy truck market."

it can be seen that intellectualization has become the next breakthrough for the rapid development of SAIC Hongyan. Lou Jianping said that the 2019 SAIC Hongyan business annual meeting focused on "wisdom" with the theme of "smart world, sincere win in the future". "We are comprehensively transforming to digitalization. Smart travel is not only the theme of the annual business conference, but also the theme of SAIC Hongyan in 2019. We must resolutely implement the landing. The scene of implementing intelligent commercial vehicles is relatively simpler than that of passenger cars in the traditional industrial range. Ports, mines, maps, routes and other elements can be well integrated by the intelligent vehicle selection platform."

it is reported that in 2019, in the road logistics tractor market, SAIC Hongyan will focus on the port, hazardous chemicals and high-speed logistics market segments to increase promotion efforts, and customize customers through the C2B model


from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing

from "standing up", "running" to "flying", SAIC Hongyan's confidence and confidence, in fact, the change from "running around the world" to "intelligent travel around the world" is mysterious. At the second China heavy truck Boao Forum, people gained a more realistic impression - SAIC Hongyan's C2B personalized intelligent customization platform - "spider smart selection", which was first created by SAIC Hongyan in the truck industry, was officially released, Truck users can buy dream trucks that meet their requirements through "what you see is what you get" personalized customization. For professionals in the industry, the new format of this new C2B customization platform has clearly displayed a different development vein: in 2019, SAIC Hongyan promoted the process of intellectualization and customization, and the transformation from "Hongyan manufacturing" to "Hongyan intelligent manufacturing" has accelerated abruptly! Nowadays, customization of heavy truck products has become a trend, which makes SAIC Hongyan have to change its way to create its own differentiated characteristics. During the annual business conference, SAIC Hongyan released the "spider wise selection" R & D model based on C2B customization

Lou Jianping believes that SAIC's self selected platform based on C2B mass customization is empowering Hongyan to promote the digitalization of Hongyan's business. In fact, it not only enables commercial vehicle users to choose suitable vehicles according to their own needs, but also enables dealers to communicate with users more conveniently and maximize user satisfaction through intelligent matching

"the future world is driven by data. Business will be C2B rather than B2C. Users will change enterprises rather than sell them to users." Many years ago, Ma Yun put forward such a view in public. Whether you are willing to accept this fact or not, in the past 10 years, Internet has had a great impact on human society. Everyone believes that Internet and big data have changed the world. But many traditional enterprises hate the Internet because big data destroyed it

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