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SAIC Hongyan sounded the Spring Festival "rally"

the marketing work meeting and Spring Festival Group worship meeting with the theme of "SAIC Hongyan · win the future with sincerity" successfully ended behind the scenes in Northeast China, Guangdong, Anhui, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Chongqing and other regions. Hunan, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Guizhou also held meetings one after another. Dealers, service providers, supporting providers and user representatives from all regions gathered to jointly summarize 2016 and clarify the goals and measures for 2017

Hunan - roll up your sleeves and work hard

at the Hunan marketing work conference, everyone made military orders one after another, saying that they were full of confidence in achieving the sales target in 2017. To borrow the words of General Secretary Xi, we are determined to roll up our sleeves and work hard in 2017. On site, the company signed the 2017 marketing objective with regional dealers and commended outstanding units and individuals in 2016

Hunan - roll up your sleeves and work hard

Sichuan - the climax continues

at the Sichuan marketing work conference, dealers, service providers, refitting plants, supporting plants and customers actively spoke and discussed, and put forward valuable suggestions on the regional work report and the work deployment in 2017; The signing of target sales volume, award ceremony, policy discussion and other important links were also inseparable from the suggestions of the participants. The atmosphere of the whole meeting was serious and lively, which exceeded the expected effect

the dinner party was even more climactic, with red envelopes and wonderful performances igniting everyone's passion. Among them, the free shooting of car models cost 8217 yuan to send warmth to children in mountainous areas

Jiangxi -- take advantage of the momentum

at the Jiangxi marketing work conference, the achievements and shortcomings in 2016 were reviewed. At the scene, the manager of the distribution center signed the 2017 marketing target letter with the regional dealers. Everyone said that they must take advantage of the momentum and do their work in a real and detailed way, and they are full of confidence in achieving the sales target in 2017

Jiangxi -- taking advantage of the momentum

at the dinner, outstanding units, teams and individuals in 2016 were commended, and the Jieshi car model charity sale of the Spring Festival reunion was also held. In order to raise love and charity money for children in poor mountainous areas, dealers and service providers actively participated in the auction, and one of the dealers bid for 12666.66 yuan, expressing the heart of charity for children in need

Shanxi and Inner Mongolia - show their strength again

the standardization of marketing workers in Shanxi and Inner Mongolia can only meet the requirements of the construction of new urbanization. At the working meeting, Zeng Kebin, general manager of North China, long Tao, general manager of Shanxi sales service center, and Li Tian, general manager of Inner Mongolia sales service center signed sales targets respectively. Everyone was full of confidence in market expansion in the new year

Shanxi, Inner Mongolia - to show their prowess again

at the Spring Festival reunion dinner, outstanding dealers, service providers, advanced personal representatives, etc. in 2016 were commended and awarded; A love auction was held, and love surged on the scene. Everyone was moved by SAIC Hongyan's raising money for poor children in mountainous areas in this form. A senior partner said, "this is the manufacturer's party and interaction featured by SAIC Hongyan. We are encouraged to be in it. Today's activity makes me full of fighting spirit.". This work meeting and the group worship meeting have inspired Shanxi and Inner Mongolia partners to clarify their ideas and forge ahead; It has actively responded to the call of the head office "to be grounded, develop advantages, and take advantage of the momentum; establish a mission, work bravely, and show strength again", and opened the prelude to exceeding the sales tasks of Shanxi and Inner Mongolia in 2017

Guizhou - detailed deployment

at the Guizhou work conference, Tang Yongyi, general manager of Guizhou sales service center, carefully combed the market product structure and competitive products in 2016, and deeply thought and summarized the deficiencies in the existing distribution and service network. In order to deploy the sales target tasks in 2017, he made detailed decisions on order, marketing, product authorization, network authorization, service, accessories, customer resource management The internal management of the office has made in-depth planning and requirements, and the 2017 sales target is broken down to dealers and business representatives by month and prefecture level cities. All dealers' business personnel and business representatives are required to strengthen learning, take the initiative to visit the market, contact the market, go deep into the market and cultivate the market, and everyone is required to take the elimination method: check whether the accessories and things of the experimental machine should be marked with response signs and specifications, and whether there are indicators in the level! Promote the work with purpose and direction

Guizhou - detailed deployment

the dinner party of the group worship was spent in a happy atmosphere, in which honorary certificates and prizes were awarded to all dealers, service providers, customers, individuals, etc. who performed well in 2016. At the same time, a charity auction of Hongyan car model was held on the spot. In order to show more love to children in poor areas, they raised their signboards frequently, and a total of 21081 yuan was auctioned

the rally has sounded. Let's share the same desire, work together internally and externally, move forward hand in hand with the "17", work hard and create good results. (this article is from SAIC Iveco red, which configured the earliest mechanical equipment for the laboratory to develop carbon fiber non buckling fabrics)

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