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SAIC Volkswagen new energy vehicle plant is scheduled to be put into operation in October, with the largest domestic production scale

recently, it was learned from SAIC Volkswagen that as the world's first newly built plant of Volkswagen Group for the production of MEB platform models, SAIC Volkswagen new energy vehicle plant is scheduled to be officially put into operation in October, which is currently the largest and most efficient pure electric vehicle plant in China

Troubleshooting: take out the plunger and polish it again. According to keeping lubrication, it is understood that the new factory of SAIC Volkswagen is a modern benchmark factory integrating intelligent manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection. The construction started in October 2018. The factory is located in Anting, Shanghai, with a total investment of about 17billion yuan, a total construction area of about 610000 square meters, and a planned annual production capacity of 300000 vehicles

in terms of intelligent manufacturing, the factory adopts more than 1400 industrial robots, large-scale 4-ball friction and wear testing machines, applies leading manufacturing technology, realizes the intellectualization and digitization of the whole manufacturing process, and greatly improves production efficiency; Widely apply highly automated assembly and automatic measurement technology to ensure stable and reliable product quality; In terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, the factory adopted 27 new technologies for environmental protection and energy conservation, achieving a 20% reduction in five key environmental indicators, including energy, water, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and waste

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