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Safety measures to prevent traffic accidents

1 establish and improve traffic safety management institutions (such as the traffic safety committee), strengthen the management of all vehicles and vessels of the unit and strengthen safety education and training for drivers according to the principle of who is in charge and who is responsible. Traffic safety should be arranged, assessed and required in the same way as safety production, and rewards and punishments should be adjusted according to the appearance and foundation drawing

2 to establish and improve the supervision, assessment, guarantee and restriction mechanism of traffic safety, we must implement the driving permit system. It is strictly forbidden to drive vehicles of the enterprise without the driving permit of the enterprise. Implement the system, and the depth: > 860 mm; The vehicles and drivers under the jurisdiction can be restrained safely and effectively

3 administrative leaders at all levels must regularly supervise and inspect the vehicle and vessel traffic safety of their subordinate units, take vehicle and vessel traffic safety as an important work into the agenda, summarize it in time, solve the existing problems, and seriously investigate and deal with the accidents

4 it is necessary to seriously implement national traffic regulations, establish and improve the vehicle and vessel traffic management system of the enterprise, tighten safety management measures, and ensure that supervision, inspection and assessment are in place to ensure driving safety

5 the technical conditions of various vehicles and vessels must comply with national regulations, and the safety devices must be perfect and reliable. Vehicles and vessels must be regularly overhauled and maintained, and safety devices must be checked before, during and after driving. If problems endangering traffic safety are found, they must be dealt with in time, and driving with diseases is strictly prohibited

6 strengthen the management of drivers and improve the quality of drivers. Regularly organize drivers to carry out safety technology training to improve drivers' awareness of safe driving and driving skills. Those who fail to pass the examination and examination or often cause accidents in violation of rules are not allowed to work as drivers

7 drunk driving, driving without permission, driving without license, fatigue driving, speeding and overloading are strictly prohibited. It is strictly forbidden for leading cadres to force drivers to drive illegally

8 it is strictly forbidden to mix people and goods when loading and unloading integral heavy objects

9 the speed of vehicles in the factory (company) shall be clearly limited

10 special vehicles in the plant are not allowed to take except for the specified seats

11 whether all kinds of vehicles and lifting equipment are qualified under the new national standard under overhead high voltage. When working near the line to be investigated, the zero adjustment screw can be raised. A clear operation range must be defined and a special person shall be assigned to supervise

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