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Safety production management system

General Provisions

Article 1 in order to strengthen the labor protection of the company's production work, improve labor conditions, protect the safety and health of workers in the production process, and promote the development of the company's undertakings, this regulation is formulated in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations on labor protection and in combination with the actual situation of the company

Article 2 the company's work safety must implement the policy of "safety first, prevention first", and implement the general manager (legal representative) responsibility system. Leaders at all levels should adhere to the principle of "production must be in charge of safety", and production should obey the needs of safety, so as to achieve safe production and civilized production

Article 3 groups and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to work safety shall be rewarded. Those who violate the work safety system and operating procedures and cause accidents shall be dealt with seriously. Those who touch the criminal law shall be handed over to the judicial organ for punishment

Article 4 the company's work safety committee (hereinafter referred to as the safety committee) is the organization and leadership of the company's work safety, which is composed of the company's leaders and the main principals of relevant departments. Most varieties have responsive index requirements, and their main responsibilities are: to be fully responsible for the company's safety production management, study and formulate safety production technical measures and labor protection plans, implement safety production inspection and supervision, investigate and deal with accidents, etc. The daily affairs of the safety committee are handled by the office of the work safety committee (hereinafter referred to as the Safety Committee Office)

Article 5 the production units subordinate to the company must establish a leading group for work safety, which is responsible for carrying out work safety education for the employees of the unit and formulating rules for the implementation of work safety and operating procedures. Implement safety production supervision and inspection, implement the safety instructions of the safety committee, and ensure production safety. The leader of the safety production team shall be promoted by the leaders of each unit, and full-time (Part-time) safety production management personnel shall be allocated according to the regulations. Each machine building (room) and production team shall be equipped with a safety officer who is not out of work

Article 6 division of main persons in work safety: the first person in charge of the administration of the unit is the first person in charge of work safety of the unit, and the leaders in charge of production and full-time (Part-time) safety production managers are the main persons in work safety of the unit

Article 7 engineers and technicians at all levels must ensure the accuracy of the application of safety technology and labor health technology when reviewing and approving technical plans, plans, drawings and other technical documents

Article 8 all functional departments must do a good job in safety production within their own business scope

Article 9 responsibilities of full-time safety production management cadres of the company:

1 Assist leaders to implement labor protection laws and regulations, and comprehensively manage daily work safety

2. Summarize and review the safety production measures and plans, and urge relevant departments to implement them on schedule

3. Formulate and revise safety production management systems, and supervise and inspect the implementation of these systems

4. Organize and carry out safety production inspection. Often go to the site to guide the labor protection work in production. In case of special emergency unsafe conditions, it has the right to order to stop production and immediately report to the leader for research and treatment

5. Summarize and promote the advanced experience of safety production, and assist relevant departments in the publicity, education and professional training of safety production

6. Participate in the review of design documents, project acceptance and commissioning of new construction, reconstruction, expansion and overhaul projects

7. Participate in the investigation and handling of casualty accidents, be responsible for the statistics, analysis and report of casualty accidents, assist relevant departments to put forward measures to prevent accidents, and urge them to realize on time

8. According to relevant regulations, formulate the distribution standards of labor protection articles and health food of the unit, and supervise the implementation

9. Organize relevant departments to study and formulate measures to prevent occupational hazards, and supervise the implementation

10. Upload and release the instructions of the superior and the situation of the grass-roots level, and do a good job of information feedback

Article 10 the full-time (Part-time) safety production manager of each production unit shall assist the leaders of the unit to implement the labor protection regulations and safety production management system, and deal with the daily affairs of safety production and the inspection and supervision of safety production of the unit

Article 11 the safety officer of each machine building (room) and production team shall regularly inspect and urge the machine building (room) and team members to comply with the safety production system and operating procedures. Do a good job in safety inspection and maintenance of equipment and tools. Report the safety production situation of the machine building (room) and team to the superior in time. Do a good job in the registration and storage of original materials

Article 12 employees should carefully study and implement the safety technical operation procedures in production and work, and abide by various rules and regulations. Take good care of production equipment, safety protection devices, facilities and labor protection articles. If unsafe conditions are found, report to the leader in time and eliminate them quickly

Article 13 for new employees, temporary workers, migrant workers and interns, three-level education on safety production must be carried out first (that is, the person in charge of the production order: we will further implement the quality supervision and testing function position, machine building (room) or team, production position) before they can be allowed to enter the operation position. For workers who change their types of work, safety education must be carried out again before they can take up their posts

Article 14 personnel engaged in special types of work, such as boilers, pressure vessels using different resins as screw cleaners, elevators, electrical, lifting, welding, vehicle driving, pole line operation, inflammables and explosives, must undergo professional safety technical training, and can only be allowed to operate independently after being strictly examined by relevant departments and obtaining a qualified operation certificate (license). For the on-the-job personnel of special types of work, the experimental data of microcomputer controlled test is very comprehensive, and regular safety education must be carried out

Article 15 all kinds of equipment and instruments shall not be overloaded and operated with diseases, and shall be used correctly, maintained regularly and overhauled regularly. Obsolete equipment that does not meet the safety requirements shall be updated and transformed in a planned way

Article 16 electrical equipment and lines shall comply with relevant national safety regulations. Electrical equipment should have fusible fuse and leakage protection. The insulation must be good, and there must be reliable grounding or neutral protection measures; Workplaces that produce a large amount of steam, corrosive gas or dust should

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