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SAIC Hongyan's top ten events of exploding the circle of friends in 2016

SAIC Hongyan's top ten events of exploding the circle of friends in 2016

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just after the new year's Day

will fans recall what they experienced in 2016

today, Xiao Na is also quite touched

take fans to review the top ten events of exploding the circle of friends of SAIC Hongyan fans in 2016

a warm "memory kill"

SAIC Hongyan's top ten friend circle events in 2016

Event 1

time: April 27

location: Beijing

Event: Beijing International Auto Show

as a top international auto show in China and even the world, every auto enterprise will not miss it. SAIC Hongyan unveiled three products this time. The composite material structure is about 25% lighter than the metal of the same volume (3) 0% for the brand-new Jieshi, the mid axle car for rainy days and the lightweight 4x2 jieka. Not only did car lovers feast their eyes, but Hongyan fans also enjoyed a visual experience. As soon as the three new products' atmospheric appearance and international style design appeared, the scene ushered in a climax, and the circle of friends were brushed here one after another

the new Jieshi

matching the power chain of cursor11 engine in Europe, the lightweight design of jieka

was the first to launch the Hongyan Jieshi mid axle sedan car in line with the new gb1589 regulations. As soon as it appeared at the Beijing auto show, it won a large order of 2000 vehicles

the procurement volume of domestic mines has decreased. In line with the laws and regulations, mid axle car transporters

Event II

time: May 19

location: Chongqing International Expo Center

Event: the 19th China International Investment and global procurement fair

this Chongqing fair, more than 6900 enterprises from 47 countries and regions participated, including 253 world top 500 enterprises, bringing cooperation projects and procurement orders with a total amount of more than 500 billion yuan. On such an important occasion, SAIC Hongyan brought the New Jason and jeka 4 equipped with cursor11 × 2 tractor. It seems that fans love our products very much, and nothing can escape the eyes of card friends

SAIC Hongyan appeared at the 2016 "Chongqing fair" with two new tractor products

Event III

time: July 6

location: Wuhan

Event: SAIC Hongyan actively participated in Wuhan disaster relief

as a conscientious enterprise, it should not only use good products to repay customers, but also actively exercise its own society. In this disaster relief, SAIC Hongyan Hubei sales service center responded immediately and set up a flood relief emergency team to provide 24-hour emergency services for disaster relief vehicles, so as to ensure that the vehicles invested in flood relief successfully complete the task of disaster relief and contribute to the peace of the disaster areas

SAIC Hongyan actively participated in Wuhan disaster relief

event 4

time: July 26

Event: Vietnam purchases Hongyan Jieshi tractor again

the good quality of Jieshi has not only been widely recognized by domestic users, but also fascinated by crooked nuts. This is not true. After the first batch of 50 Jieshi tractors were purchased by a Vietnamese integrated logistics and transportation company, because of the good performance of Jieshi, it decided to purchase Hongyan Jieshi tractors in batches again. Only good quality can win the trust of users, and SAIC Hongyan will continue to move forward on the road of quality

Vietnamese users purchase Hongyan Jieshi tractor in batches again

event 5

time: September 25

location: Yingkou, Liaoning

Event: "SAIC Hongyan Cup" truck driver elite challenge officially started

on September 25, Yingkou, Liaoning started, and Zhengzhou, Henan ended on November 19. After more than two months, SAIC Hongyan card race has passed through seven major regions of China, northeast, North China, South China, northwest East China, Southwest China and central China. The SAIC Hongyan race, which covers the whole country, has set off an upsurge of Truck Racing everywhere

Lion King 2016 "SAIC Hongyan Cup" truck elite challenge passion start

SAIC Hongyan has improved the control ability of participating truck drivers on new technology heavy trucks by holding truck driver "competition", so that more truck drivers with purchase intention can feel the manipulation and safety of SAIC Hongyan Jieshi in advance, and also promote the development of Chinese truck culture. SAIC Hongyan is committed to turning the competition into a grand gathering of truck drivers, bringing a rich visual feast to truck drivers all over the country, and creating a stage for improving skills, exchanging experience and displaying style

Lion King 2016 "SAIC Hongyan Cup" truck elite challenge passion start

Event 6

time: October 22

location: mountain city Chongqing

Event: the first batch of Jieshi C500 thousand departure ceremony

as the latest product of Jieshi family this year, Jieshi C500 has been comprehensively upgraded, matched with C11 engine, created golden power, and achieved five peak quality. As soon as the new product appeared, it attracted widespread attention. Hongyan Jieshi 500 series heavy truck products are a new generation of heavy truck products developed by SAIC Hongyan using the international advanced Iveco vehicle technology, based on the original C100 and M100 series product platform, combined with the actual situation of China's road transportation and the strict requirements of laws and regulations, keeping pace with the times. Compared with the 100 series, this series of products maintain the original advantages, from the aspects of power, safety, comfort, service Value and other aspects have been comprehensively improved and enhanced. Match the golden power 11 to measure the deformation of the sample, so that the SAIC Hongyan 7-13 HP section is fully covered

SAIC Hongyan Jieshi C500 1000 vehicle mountain city launch

Event 7

time: November 18

location: Guangzhou

Event: the first show of Guangzhou Exhibition was ordered

on November 18, the 14th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition, as one of the three top automobile exhibitions in China, officially kicked off. SAIC Hongyan brought two new Jieshi C500 and M500 models to the exhibition of the business auto show. Since Jieshi C500 came into the market, it has received extensive attention from card friends. With its lightweight body design and surprising fuel-saving design, it has reduced many costs for card friends; Excellent safety performance and reliable quality make card friends feel more at ease. On the second day of the auto show, SAIC Hongyan Guangzhou Jieshi C500 tasting was held grandly, and orders for four C500 tractors were received on the spot

Hongyan Jieshi C500 is of reliable quality and won the order for the first show in Guangzhou Exhibition

Event 8

time: November 26

location: Xiangyang

Event: successfully completed the first domestic commercial vehicle tyre burst emergency safety device test

on November 26, successfully completed the first domestic commercial vehicle tyre burst emergency safety device test in the National Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Xiangyang). The success of SAIC Hongyan in the experiment of tire burst emergency safety device is another technological breakthrough in the field of vehicle safety in the domestic heavy truck industry. SAIC Hongyan has always been committed to the research of road transportation safety, regards life as Mount Tai, integrates European safety technology concepts into every detail of products, and strives to ensure the safety of every driver and passenger

a new breakthrough in safety technology, SAIC Hongyan successfully completed the first domestic heavy-duty tire burst emergency safety device test

Event 9

time: December 16

location: Chongqing

Event: SAIC increased capital and shares to become the controlling shareholder of Hongyan

on December 16, 2016, SAIC Hongyan expanded its equity through capital increase. After the equity transfer is completed, Shanghai Yitou holds 12.08% of the equity of Shanghai Yihong; Chongqing electromechanical holds 34% equity of shangyihong; SAIC Group directly holds 53.92% equity of shangyihong, indirectly holds 6.04% equity, and directly and indirectly holds 59.96% equity of shangyihong, becoming the controlling shareholder of shangyihong

SAIC increases capital and shares to become the controlling shareholder of Hongyan

Event 10

time: December 17

location: Chengdu

event: annual business meeting, SAIC Hongyan 500 full range product launch

the annual meeting of the company is a major event, which not only summarizes the work of the year, but also determines the direction of the company in the next year. At the same time, a small target of selling 28000 vehicles in 2017 was set at the annual business conference, which made full preparations for the market in 2017 with high ambition

at the annual business meeting, SAIC Hongyan 500 series products were released

what is more striking is the grand release of SAIC Hongyan 500 series products. Hongyan 500 is a full range of products, and its model matrix covers tractors, trucks, dump trucks, special vehicles, etc., with emissions reaching more than the national five, and the full horsepower range of 7-13 liters of engines. The 500 series is not only a name, but also Hongyan, "said Dr. Michael zobel. The record of the 50th anniversary of its establishment is also the debut of the national five products of the whole series, and it is also the comprehensive upgrading of Hongyan's products in five aspects: power, safety, comfort, service and value

annual business meeting, SAIC Hongyan 500 all series product launch

the above are the top ten events of SAIC Hongyan official wechat in a year, which are actually more wonderful than these ten events. 2016 has passed. In 2017, we will work harder to provide users with better services and provide fans with more exciting content. Thank fans for their continuous support to SAIC Hongyan. I wish you a happy New Year

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