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Current situation and Prospect of on-demand printing market III

IV. on demand printing market on-demand printing is only one of the printing solutions. Broadly speaking, if there is a printing demand market, printing on demand can survive, develop and expand. But in fact, from the current and predicted future development of the on-demand printing market, the on-demand printing market can be positioned in the following aspects:

1 Personalized printing market

because on-demand printing can meet people's personalized requirements, it can provide a variety of choices from printing materials, printing formats, content quantities, etc., and it can design and change the printing content and printing format at any time according to personal preferences and needs, and it can even make changes one minute before printing, so it can meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent

at the same time, printing on demand can improve the added value of printed matter. Customers will pay extra for their personalized works to complete printing. The characteristic of Tongling City is that it has individual copper and copper products, and the industry is easy to process into products of various shapes and structures, which will inevitably bring high added value. In addition, in the strategic cooperation between Xinlun composite and Funeng technology in the printing of commercial advertising letters, invitations, greeting cards, mail order forms, bank credit cards, anti-counterfeiting ID cards, personal albums and other specific objects, personalized printing also has broad profit space

2. Print on demand market

Print on demand is an expansion of the print on demand market. It is a special service that caters to people's traditional reading habits and provides tourists, merchants, civil servants and athletes in foreign countries with newspapers they are familiar with. With the global economic integration and the increasing number of cross-border exchanges, printing newspapers on demand has become a market highlight

on demand newspaper printing is a kind of on-demand printing, which is completed by readers who choose their familiar language, favorite country and interested content on the newspaper printing machine of the newspaper printing point through simple operation and paying their own expenses

the realization of printing newspapers on demand must first arrange and select the newspapers published every day all over the world through the service center, and transmit the documents containing images and texts in PDF format to automatic newspaper kiosks all over the world through satellite, and update them every day

3. On demand book printing and on-demand post press processing market

on demand book printing and on-demand post press processing market are integrated solutions for book on-demand printing. It is quite different from the traditional method of printing books. It can change the printing procedure of books, printing page by page from the first page to the end of the last page, and immediately carry out cover printing, book binding and frame binding, so as to integrate a book at one go

with the increasingly fierce competition in the book publishing market, people pay more and more attention to the cost increase and capital loss caused by a large number of overstocked books. Finding a reasonable way to print a small amount of books, striving to achieve the goal of "zero inventory", achieving the best anti-interference performance in terms of publishing timeliness, publishing cost and printing flexibility, is the bright future of the publishing industry. On demand printing and on-demand post-processing can fully meet this market requirement

through the front-end processing system of electronic documents, combined with high-speed black-and-white printing equipment, and taking advantage of the characteristics of non-stop and fast printing of web paper, combined post press processing equipment (including folding stacking, wireless binding, automatic insertion of color cover, three-sided book cutting, and color cover lamination device), the on-demand printing equipment that enables the printing of books and post press online can not only meet the on-demand printing requirements of short edition books, but also in reprint of out of print books, anthologies Bidding documents and pre printing of sample books can also show their skills

4. Unforeseen on-demand printing market

from the current development of on-demand printing, digital printing, as a supporting condition for on-demand printing, has diversified technology development. The key technology, printing quality and printing cost of digital printing systems produced by different manufacturers are different, and the printing market that can be met is also different. With the continuous development of the field of digital printing, the on-demand printing market is bound to further expand, because on-demand printing is not just a share of the traditional printing market, but the development and maturity of on-demand printing refresh technology has opened up a new market for it. A series of new application fields, such as personal collection, certificate anti-counterfeiting and so on, are new market highlights that are constantly explored with the progress of on-demand printing technology. Therefore, there is an extremely broad and promising unforeseen market in the on-demand printing market

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