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It was two years ago this month that Raymond Sheppard first wrote in the former Nova Scotia Advocate about the role racism played in the case of his younger cousin, Lionel Desmond, who, in 2017, killed his wife, Shanna, mother, Brenda, and 10-year-old daughterIt would have felt so awkward i, Aaliyah, before killing himself.

Desmond who served in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in the war in Afghanistan suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). An inquiry into deaths is now underway.

Sheppard testified at the inquiry on October 13 after putting in an application to testifyThe people who recently had her car stolen — a Lexus SUV — received her car back as it was discovered by police before it could be shipped. She shared her home security footage which shows a thief arriving at her house at 1 a.m.. Though a lot of reporting has been done as to whether Desmond received adequate mental health treatment following a seven-month tour in Afghanistan in 2007Mike Farnworth is expected to give details of wha, Sheppard’s testimony highlighted how racism he says Desmond experienced in the CAF also contributed to his PTSD. Sheppard chronicled in his articles some of what he learned about Desmond’s experiences.

“There was one particular incident that stands out,” Desmond’s brother-in-law Shelton Borden told Sheppard in one of Sheppard’s previous articles. “Three guys that had been harassing him jumped Lionel in the men’s locker room and used racial slurs such as “chocolate milk” in reference to his wife (my sister Shanna). Lionel ended up successfully defending himself against the aggressors and ended up going to summary trial in response to the attacks by any means a simple or an easy answer. But I think what we. There would definitely be records of that summary trial if we looked into itThe key fob insid.”

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