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Made in Italy, vesoi imports the soul of the lamp industry. Wisdom and passion are the fuel of lighting engineering

vesoi, made in Italy, is the soul of the imported lamp industry. Wisdom and passion are the fuel of lighting engineering. All these are produced in an industrious way, thanks to the culture we have gained over time. Our design is really distracted

modern lamps and lanterns are not only a kind of lighting props, but also an important decoration in the home. Nowadays, many lamps and lanterns are inspired by many objects in life, and this time I introduce you to this new lamp series of vesoi

ecological design

environment and design are equally important: from manufacturing to daily use, we respect human beings and their habitats

vesoi project

from the collaboration between our employees and professionals, it ensures the relationship between creativity and technology, which is the main theme of our work

unusual lamps

intelligent and memorable lamps maintain their unique charm in coordination with the process

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