60 square color Castle after home decoration 85

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Typical post-85, typical humble abode, typical I like it! After 85, Zhang Siwan, who lives in this humble house of less than 60 square meters, has a special preference for color. Color is also her first demand when decorating. "I like colorful homes." After meeting the designer Xiang Dongshu, she told her that her eyes showed the brilliance and youth of young people, and the self and personality of the post-85 generation... Finally, her wish came true. In her home, you will feel the color that belongs to her

home is a color collision

entering Zhang Siwan's home, the color collision is full of eyes, like the sweetest peach forest in early spring. Yes, this is the color of home and Zhang Siwan's color. Although the design of small houses is limited by space, when the colors are matched properly, it will completely show an unexpected amazing effect

in the living room, the walls of the sofa area and the dining area, the designer boldly chose apple green and peach red. Through strong color contrast, it brings a rich sense of hierarchy to the small living room space and makes the living room with limited lighting look brighter. The color of the sofa also echoes the color of the wall, and the whole living room is full of youth everywhere. For the overall tone of the bedroom, the designer chose a fresh light blue for the owner, creating a tranquility beyond youth for sleep. Although the main color of each space is used relatively independently, it does not lose contact and extends the space more smoothly

home is a rich and casual

"self made decorative paintings have souls." Zhang Siwan, who likes jigsaw puzzles, often sits at his desk in his spare time to spell out his favorite patterns, and then frames them, which has become a unique decorative painting to decorate the wall of his home. Some of the ornaments she chose herself were cute and witty, some were chic and elegant, some were retro and nostalgic, and some were gorgeous. Isn't youth so rich and as I like

whether it's the peaceful coexistence of classical chandeliers and cute and playful small potted plants, or the matching of angel shaped jewelry and peach wall clock, the real voice in the master's heart is in the small room: I like it, can't it? In the small accessories, it constantly conveys the youth full of casualness and richness




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