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(high quality home decoration, Carty doors and windows) nowadays, the design of houses has begun to advocate personalization and fashion. At the same time, in order to save space, many people have begun to carry out new design for the floating window, which has become an entertainment area, storage cabinet, office area, desk and even bedroom. Such design is very popular among the post-80s and 90s young people

in the eyes of many people, the floating window It has always been an elegant display like a vase, especially when there is no beautiful scenery outside the window, I think it is a very luxurious thing to decorate the floating window. But today I want to tell you that the significance of floating windows really has to be

for a house, the bay window is the eye of the sun. Where there is a bay window, there is sunshine and hope. Sitting in the spacious and bright living room and enjoying the scenery outside the window through the large French window, you will never feel depressed. Only when you are in a dark environment for a long time, can you experience how important the bright floating window is

bay window In the living room, try to look atmospheric, but in other spaces, you can do a variety of practical designs, such as card seats. Close to the bay window, it is made into a soft leather cushion, plus a few pillows, you can have a super emotional card seat bay window

set up a table beside the floating window. When you relax on weekends, you can read books here, learn new things, or improve your shortcomings in work, and be accompanied by the sun. On such days, you don't want to go out, just because there is a floating window





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