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With the gradual decline of temperature, the cold winter is coming. The weather in the south is wet and cold. For residents in the south, winter is particularly difficult. The most painful thing every day is to get up early. Whether air conditioners that consume large amounts of electricity and make people feel uncomfortable, or electrical appliances that cannot act on large rooms, their shortcomings make them unable to become the mainstream of winter heating in the south. The emergence of water and ground heating marks the arrival of a new era of home heating in the south. Water heating is not only energy-saving and environment-friendly, but also has a long service life, which soon won the favor of Southern consumers

camel floor heating takes hot water with a temperature not higher than 60 ℃ as the heat medium, circulates in the heating pipe buried in the filling layer below the ground, heats the whole floor, and heats the room through the ground in the form of radiation and convection heat transfer. It is a heating method with simple operation, energy conservation, environmental protection, health and comfort, does not occupy space, and is convenient for maintenance

camel floor heating is of great benefit to human body: it improves blood circulation and metabolism, and has obvious curative effect on rheumatism; Maintain skin moisture and help women stay young; There is no dust indoors, which is suitable for those with sensitive respiratory system to reduce the incidence rate of asthma; It is conducive to keeping a clear mind, helping to improve memory and understanding, so as to improve learning efficiency; Improve sleep quality, fall asleep quickly, and ensure deep sleep, which is conducive to maintaining vigorous work energy; Save space and avoid the waste of space caused by the installation of traditional radiators; According to relevant scientific statistics, the camel floor heating system can stimulate people to increase the amount of exercise and contribute to physical and mental health

to sum up, camel floor heating is a good helper for people's heating life. In the environment of low-carbon, energy conservation and emission reduction, camel floor heating will become a new fashion for home heating with its comprehensive advantages






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