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With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the introduction of relevant environmental protection laws and regulations, water-based varnish has been gradually applied in the packaging fields of electronic products, daily necessities, cosmetics, medicine, cigarettes and other products with its advantages of environmental protection and low price

printing products are naturally concerned by people because they are everywhere in life. Therefore, pollution-free and pollution-free green printing materials have become the focus of people's choice of printing materials. Water based varnish has the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, high gloss and convenient use, which makes it a favorite in the industry and widely used. Now let's take a look at the formula of water-based varnish

water based varnish formula

water soluble acrylic resin drl-03479 60-70

water based amino 797747 15-20

pm 5

dpm 2

bcs 3

wetting agent drl-1140 0.5

leveling agent drl-1008 0.5

anti stick and smooth agent drl-1044 0.5-1.0

adhesion promoter drl-6065 1.5

anti flash rust agent drl-8067 2.0

thickening thixotropic agent 0.2-0.5

neutralizer 0.2-0.5

defoamer drl-3146 0.5

deionized water 8-12

advantages of water-based varnish

1) strong transparency, good gloss

water-based varnish will not affect the color of printed matter, can withstand long-term strong sunlight, and is not easy to yellowing, discoloration, and can be stored for a long time

2) high temperature resistance and good heat sealing performance

at present, the outer packaging of cigarette packs generally adopts PP film, while water-based varnish is high temperature resistant and has good heat sealing performance, so it can also achieve good heat sealing effect

3) the finished product has good flatness and roll resistance

paper curling often occurs in gravure printing, but the soft package is polished with water-based varnish. The product is cut into large sheets, then bronzed and cut, and the flatness of the paper will not be damaged. This provides a solution for changing offset printing to gravure printing, especially for cigarette bags that need bronzing

4) strong wear resistance and scratch resistance

packaging printing materials have very high requirements for wear resistance. Take cigarette package printing as an example. In the high-speed operation of 300 ~ 500 packages per minute, cigarette packages have to bear a lot of mechanical load. The water-based varnish can fully meet the requirements of wear resistance and will not appear the phenomenon of cigarette box fading

5) fast conjunctival speed and rapid drying

30% of the drying process of water-based varnish is through evaporation, and 70% depends on material penetration and absorption, so it dries rapidly. When the Polish still contains 20% - 30% water, the conjunctiva can be formed. Therefore, it does not need any drying method. If infrared ray or hot air drying method is used, the drying speed is faster

6) safe to use and convenient to store

because the aqueous varnish uses water as the solvent, it is non-toxic and tasteless, safe and reliable to use, and will not pollute the environment, which is conducive to safe production. Therefore, it is widely used in food, medicine and tobacco packaging

how to use water-based varnish

1 Dilution ratio

as the production process of each printing and packaging enterprise is different, it should be diluted before using water-based varnish. The commonly used dilution is water or the mixture of ethanol and water (generally 1:1 ratio). Dilute according to the actual situation. Excessive dilution will affect the gloss and wear resistance of water-based varnish, and insufficient dilution will affect the leveling property of water-based varnish. Usually, 5% - 15% diluent can be added to the coating roller for coating and glazing, but if there are stripes on the surface of the print or paper curling on the print, diluent can be further added to reduce the viscosity of water-based varnish

2. Proofing before use

because some printing and packaging enterprises use acid inks or inks with poor alcohol and alkali resistance for printing, proofing tests should be carried out before using water-based varnish to prevent it from reacting with the ink and causing unnecessary losses

3. Polish the printed matter after removing the powder

for the printed matter that needs polishing, the printing process should use less powder spraying. It is recommended to polish it after removing the powder, otherwise it will not only affect the gloss of the printed matter, but also affect the adhesion of water-based varnish on the surface of the printed matter

summary: the above is the content of the water-based varnish formula introduced by Xiaobian. I hope it can effectively help you; If you have any good suggestions, look forward to communicating with Xiaobian. Please pay attention to more information





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