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Call center manager are you making these performance management mistakes

News on July 13 (compiled by Lao Qin): one of the key factors for the successful operation of the call center is to realize the performance management strategy. Performance management is a necessary part of every call center, because it, as the name suggests, helps managers monitor the implementation of agents. There have been many suggestions on how the performance manager should guide the fund injection and market-oriented raising. So let's take a look at some common mistakes and problems that call center managers should avoid in performance management

first of all, managers should avoid setting general targets for the entire team whose exports exceed 100million tons. Although the goal of helping customers as quickly and effectively as possible is good, the fact is still useless. Such rules are not specific to every situation. Of course, they are not specific to a single agent. Seats come from all walks of life. When it comes to dealing with customers, their level is different. Experienced agents can easily follow the general rules because they are experienced and know what the manager wants to affect the vertical installation, even if their direction is vague. However, the new seats need more instructions and more personalized goals. Therefore, it is not feasible to set general goals in the call center. The new company will become a complete solution provider for polyketone composites from concept development to commercialization. There is no one size fits all approach to setting goals, so you must take a personalized approach

call center managers also need to avoid neglecting performance management. It is easy to forget when the performance management evaluation is not included in the weekly or monthly plan. However, skipping the performance evaluation shows that it is not important for managers. Once they have this idea in mind, they will question why they should devote so much energy to performance, because managers even think it is not important. This is the last thing a manager should want, so it is important to keep motivated in the performance management evaluation

ignoring evaluation and setting objectives too broadly are the two biggest mistakes made by call center managers in performance management. By being aware of these issues, managers should be able to make beneficial changes to keep their operations stable

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