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Calling the customer "return" Hunan Zhongwang micro film is popular

calling the customer "return" Hunan Zhongwang micro film is popular

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28 minutes and 18 seconds, which is the length of the micro film "return"; From the first excavator purchased in Sany in 2005 to its return in 2010, it took five years. The journey is a long one, and we know that no matter the trough, growth, transformation, development or expansion, Sany people adhere to the faith of never forgetting the original intention and getting it all the time, so that customers can change from disappointment, rejection to moving, acceptance and purchase again. The growth of customers leads to the growth of Sany agents

recently, the construction machinery industry needs to change samples frequently. The micro film "return" originally created by Hunan Zhongwang, a brand agent of Sany, has been popular in the Internet. The video was released only three days ago, with more than 40000 online clicks, and the industry has been highly praised. Sany agents all over the country have asked their employees to organize learning and watching movies. Xiangwenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry, affirmed the film: "today, I overcame the difficulty of slow speed in South American countries and finished watching return Good shooting. The key is that the concept of finding old customers is very good. It is suggested that the heavy machinery agents learn from Zhongwang. Starting from the new starting point, such as the load effect of the cutter, dryer and printing device, which will cause the steel strand to produce a high strain rate to find old customers, Sany Heavy Machinery will open a new chapter of the common growth of Sany Heavy Machinery and customers. This is not simply watching movies, but launching the movement of returning old customers. "

established in 2007, Hunan Zhongwang has become a leader in the industry after 8 years of struggle, with more than 7000 people, but only more than 5000 people can be contacted, which means that in 8 years, Zhongwang inadvertently lost contact with nearly 2000 customers. This figure makes Zhongwang people feel tingling. Zhongwang people have found themselves in the melting pot of the market, and deeply feel that every customer who chooses Zhongwang is the most valuable asset and cannot lose any of them

Zhongwang tries to appeal to the vigilant marketing and service soldiers through a micro film return. Like weijianguo and lushiping in the film, Zhongwang adheres to the values of customer first and service first, and does not abandon customers. In the past, Zhongwang paid a heavy price for this. Today, it has come to a successful conclusion. Starting from the heart, it vowed to make the customer service "unbeatable". No matter how hard and sweat it is, it should also move forward bravely

Zhongwang specially invited the client Mr. zhoudeping to perform, hoping to find the past with real stories and situations. Today, zhoudeping's return is the best witness of Zhongwang's efforts. Zhongwang hopes that through "return", existing old customers can feel Zhongwang's sincere service, let more customers who have lost contact choose to return, let more customers choose Sany, believe in Sany, and cooperate with Sany to achieve win-win results

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