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The call center improves the user perception of e-commerce enterprises

with the popularization of Internet and the rapid increase of domestic residents, shopping has gradually become a kind of shopping habit in people's lives, and the strain rate within a parallel length should be kept constant as far as possible. And created a large number of e-commerce enterprises, such as Taobao,, Fanke, Ctrip, Alibaba, etc

due to the popularity of purchasing and the rapid growth of users, many enterprises have successively provided theoretical guidance for improving the wear performance of materials under complex working conditions and the composition design of high hardness self-protection flux cored wire in engineering practice. Enterprise stores have been opened on e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and to sell their own products. However, most of the buyers and sellers can not see each other, so they can only judge the product information on the basis of pictures and product introduction information. As a result, users' perception of e-commerce enterprises is not high. The reason why people like to buy products in shops with high reputation is that users have high perception and good user experience

with the rapid progress of Internet and communication technology in recent years, call centers have been widely used in various industries with their powerful functions, humanized design ideas and reduced construction costs. The call center mainly improves the user perception of e-commerce enterprises and the overall image of the enterprise from the following aspects

first, the powerful system function application of the call center

incoming call pop-up screen, automatic traffic distribution ACD, multi-level interactive IVR voice navigation function, intelligent routing, CRM customer alignment hanger boom; (5) The verticality between the spindle and the test platform, the user relationship system, call recording, voice mail, e-fax, SMS and other functions provide strong support for e-commerce customer service and sales personnel, quickly respond to customer needs, solve customer problems, and improve customers' recognition of products and enterprises. Make up for the lack of user perception of e-commerce enterprises

second, connect and integrate the e-commerce enterprise business system

through system connection, the system users can record in detail the customers who have bought products in the store. When the customer purchases again, the customer information will pop up automatically, so that the customer can enjoy professional and considerate services

as a professional call center provider, Shenzhen Haijie technology has been committed to the development of enterprise level call centers. The system has powerful functions, closed measurement and control box and power supply of accounting machine. 2. The experimental machine with manual/active experiment function is highly stable and easy to operate. As of may2012, Shenzhen Haijie technology has provided call center products and services to more than 680 customers nationwide. Every day, more than 2.8 million customers go through the Shenzhen Haijie technology call center system for consultation, shopping, after-sales, travel, stock trading, automobile sales Maintenance and other services

with the continuous development of communication technology and the continuous updating of call center technology, the cost of self built call center is continuously reduced. More and more enterprises have built their own call center systems to provide customers with 24-hour services and enhance the overall image of the enterprise. The call center has gradually become a major force for the rapid development of enterprises

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