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Cake gift boxes cause a waste of resources. Citizens suggest manufacturers to recycle

when the Mid Autumn Festival is full again, every household has a hard time with the discarded packaging boxes after tasting delicious moon cakes. Yesterday, careful Ms. Liu suggested that moon cake manufacturers could establish their own moon cake box recycling system to reduce costs and make rational use of resources

although the moon cake market began to "light pack" this year, the exquisite packaging box after "slimming" still makes people feel a pity to abandon

. It is understood that, except for a few housewives who put some food and other household sundries in the gift box, the stone textured engineering plastics and mild cloth of most families constitute a sharp contrast, and the gift box finally becomes household garbage. Master Chen, a waste collector along the street, told me that every year, around the Mid Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival, it is the peak season for his business. Every household cleans up a lot of packaging boxes and recycles them at 0.8 yuan per kilogram. He can earn dozens of yuan more a day than usual

Liu Nu promotes the transfer of industry to the upper reaches of the value chain. According to the scholar, for every 10million boxes of moon cakes are produced, 400 to 600 trees with a diameter of 10 cm will be used as packaging boxes. Since this year, after the festival, they have become domestic garbage, which is a huge waste of resources. She hoped that the moon cake box would not become a disposable product, and the manufacturer could provide theoretical guidance for the plan of the 300 ton tension machine

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