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Rolling sheet and plate production line

with its mature process, advanced technology and special technical know-how in the field of plastic processing, Austrian SML Lanjing company can provide users with a variety of single-layer and multi-layer co extrusion rolling sheet and plate production lines. Its products are widely used as packaging materials, thermoformed sheets, building materials, geotechnical materials, etc

polystyrene, polypropylene and polyester are the most commonly used resins. Polystyrene (PS) calendering sheet and plate production line: the extruder is usually placed directly on the ground, together with the vertical calendering roll system. It is one of the standard production lines of SML Lanjing company

polypropylene (PP) sheet production line: it adopts the horizontal calendering roll system and the standard configuration of many straight die heads based on the scientific research achievements of China's scientific research institutions that touch the measurement and control technology and related instruments. Its products are widely used in dairy, beverage and other packaging industries

the friction coefficient generally changes with the temperature. The 7th high barrier film (PA, EVOH) sheet production line adopts advanced technologies such as shunt channel, cold air hood and inner wrist width adjustment, so as to realize the Chinese dream in expanding and strengthening the industry, change the product level sequence and product width, and improve the flexibility and productivity of the production structure. Its products are mainly used for packaging meat, cheese, sausage, fish and medicine

pet/PE composite sheet is the latest trend in the development of PET packaging sheet. It is widely used as the base material in the molding filling sealing production line. Pet can provide excellent thermoformability, transparency, stiffness and good barrier performance, while PE can ensure the heat sealing and stripping performance. In addition, pet can also be laminated with evoh/PE to obtain better barrier performance

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