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The 2016 new year is off to a good start Zoomlion welcomes the "transformation and growth" new spring

the 2016 new year is off to a good start Zoomlion welcomes the "transformation and growth" new spring

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the rumbling firecrackers usher in the "good start" of the new year, and the sonorous gongs and drums ring the drums of the new journey. On February 18, in a festive new year atmosphere, the "good start" ceremony of Zoomlion's 2016 new year of the monkey was grandly held in Hunan Changsha Zoomlion science and technology park. Zhan Chunxin, chairman and CEO of Zoomlion, together with the company's senior management team, gave each Zoomlion employee an "open-door red envelope" implying prosperity in the new year

in the major parks of Zoomlion, there are steaming production scenes everywhere. In the factory building, the workers are carrying out production work in a tense and orderly manner, fighting for a "good start" in the first quarter of this year, and the pace of spring has stepped into this leading domestic equipment manufacturing enterprise

seeking change and innovation has always been the development concept of Zoomlion. The past 2015 is still a year for Zoomlion to forge ahead and strive for change. This year, the "2+2+4" strategy to adapt to the new situation has been comprehensively promoted - construction machinery continues to accumulate energy and innovate, and the pace is increasingly steady; The acquisition of Italian nadule company by the environmental industry has opened a new chapter in the global layout; The integration of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent agriculture reflects the confidence of the company to adapt to the new situation and advance to the high-end industry of agricultural machinery; Zoomlion Group Finance Co., Ltd. broke out of its shell, providing strong support for the integration of industry and finance

In 2015, zhanchunxin, chairman and CEO of Zoomlion, said at the 2015 annual summary and commendation conference, "in this unusual year, we have gone through an uneven road. Looking back at the roads and ridges we have passed in the past year, we suddenly found that the ruggedness behind us has unconsciously raised our height."

the achievement of this "height" is inseparable from the efforts and sweat of all employees of Zoomlion. It is their persistent and enterprising spirit and attitude of pursuing perfection that enable Zoomlion's established strategy to be steadily carried out and promoted

at the beginning of 2015, Zoomlion, which just acquired Chery heavy industry, was full of ambition from the beginning of the release of the No. 1 central document. In line with the general trend of agricultural modernization, Zoomlion agricultural machinery sector completed the accumulation and layout of advancing towards the high-end value chain

in the middle of this year, Zoomlion took the lead in settling in the China Belarus Industrial Park, and with the help of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, it will drive international expansion to a new starting point. At the world-renowned Milan Expo, Zoomlion's new VI and new coating made a stunning appearance. Behind these shiny "faces" is its constant innovation vitality and its unremitting pursuit of ultimate product quality

in this year, the momentum of Internet + and intelligent manufacturing is strong. Based on the collaborative innovation of thousands of R & D engineers around the world, Zoomlion has lived up to expectations and opened the prelude to product 4.0, highlighting the strong integration ability of made in China to connect with industry 4.0 in the era of big data

"9.3 military parade" and other national ceremonies, Zoomlion not only explained the quality of extreme products and the innovative spirit rooted in the heart to the world, but also showed the responsibility and persistence of the enterprise

in the construction of nuclear power projects, Zoomlion zcc3200np crawler crane once again successfully, accurately and excellently lifted the world's heaviest nuclear power thin shell dome, showing the power and beauty of the ultimate product

BICES 201c, which attracts the attention of the industry At the packing list 5 Beijing exhibition, Zoomlion's new business model shone brightly, innovating online sales, innovating the connection mode between the company and customers, and also leading the new trend of traditional equipment manufacturing industry - this is also the embodiment of its strategy of "products on the go, services on the palm, data on the cloud" step by step becoming a reality

this year was a difficult one for Zoomlion, but it was also a fulfilling one - "the precision and perfection in the construction of the 'heavenly eye', the vastness of environmental machinery going to sea, the struggle of the 'three summer' and 'three autumn' service through trains in the fields... Zoomlion people withstood the severe test with the ultimate craftsmanship spirit, and interpreted the leading with perseverance and perseverance in every battle of mission bearing and market ice breaking"

2016 is the first year of the 13th five year plan, and the road ahead will not be smooth. Zhan Chunxin said: "This year, we will pay more attention to connotative development and firmly establish the action concept of 'innovation, stability, openness and sustainability'. Transformation and upgrading are still the theme of current development. When reducing production capacity, inventory, leverage, cost reduction and making up for weaknesses have become the five major tasks for the smooth transformation of made in China, Zoomlion science and technology should be in the forefront of innovation, seeking benefits from transformation, development from transformation and sustainability from transformation."

innovation and transformation are just one of the core elements of the "supply side reform" proposed by the state at the end of last year. Analysts believe that this year's supply side reform factors are bound to permeate all aspects of social and economic development. It is self-evident that it is important for the entire equipment manufacturing industry to improve product quality through innovation and enhance the sustainable development of the company driven by innovation. Therefore, how to make it achieve the optimal configuration and improve the sustainability and quality of enterprise growth is of great significance

Zoomlion has a clear idea on this point. Focusing more on "product itself" has become the goal and goal of Zoomlion in 2016. The "craftsman spirit" of excellence, perfection and scientific innovation will become the spiritual driving force to continuously improve product quality

"the backbone of China's economy must be carried by industry, and the foundation of industry lies in products. A century old store accumulates in delicacy. Our eternal goal and goal is to establish ourselves with products, establish our life with products, and inherit technology and civilization with products." Zhan Chunxin said

in 2016, Zoomlion continued to strive for business diversification. Under the diversified development strategy in recent years, the two emerging sectors of the company's agricultural machinery and environmental industry have accelerated their journey: 1000mm growth, accounting for more than 35%, and has become a new performance growth point. In the next two years, the improvement of agricultural automation in China can drive the annual growth of agricultural machinery business by 25% to 40%, while the environmental industry sector is expected to increase at an annual growth rate of 15% with the attention of the government

in addition, Zoomlion will focus more on integrating into the global industrial ecosystem in 2016, which is an important measure of its internationalization strategy for many years. For enterprises, in the context of China's economic transformation, it is a rational choice to "actively" seize the opportunity to "go out" to seek a larger stage

Zhan Chunxin pointed out: "China's equipment manufacturing has always been an international force that cannot be ignored. From surviving in the cracks to stepping into the world's first camp, we need to gather more resources and accelerate the allocation and integration of R & D, market, service and financial resources on a global scale. In the diversified global industrial ecosystem, Zoomlion will not be a follower, but will certainly become an integrator of industrial resources, rewriter of the competition pattern and leader of development. ”

the new year is coming. Moving forward in the agitation requires wisdom and persistence. Only by climbing in persistence and not forgetting the original intention can we actively adapt to and create changes, face the ice of the market and challenge the future

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