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1, previously used pico1, probably used for 2 years, with Sony z5p, it is also a 4K screen. The equipment has never been willing to be updated. There is nothing better in the market, mainly for watching videos. Pico 4K version has been released recently, which means I plan to try it. It's still amazing to get it. The screen is exquisite and the feeling of screen window is much lighter than that of using it. The software also has complete file operation functions, including NAS and projection, which is really easy to use. In two years, science and technology have made a lot of progress. I hope Pico will continue to produce good products in the future! It has the best effect than super Xuanlong. Come on

2. After using it for a few days, I found that there are many VR resources, which can be loaded with Android apps. I brought it with me to try to replace 2/3 transfer bags with environmental friendly cloth bags by 2020. Iqiyi VR immersive edition and viveport store, equipped with the king glory handle and a touch graphic control operation interface, I can play the king glory, and play a very smooth game. With nolohome, I can play steamvr games with notebooks with Nolo, 1066 graphics cards, Pico G2 4K, I bought this because I suddenly saw the first launch of this model. This is a 4K, 835cpu. I think it should be good. The actual experience is not disappointing, very good

3. The machine receives it. The 4K resolution is really good, and the definition meets the demand. The interactive design of the system is very simple and easy to use. There are many * * * * resources. There is a sense of instant vision in the cinema, and the definition deviation is a little bit. So I made a 4K movie myself. The teacher tried it well, and the definition is better. VR movie also tried 4K. The 3D effect is great. It's immersive. The actors seem to be in front of them. It's very convenient to play the video on the computer on the flying screen. In a word, it's good. I'm going to buy a Nolo kit when I play games in the future. Go to to check more popular models

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