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Start to evaluate and compare which configuration of Acer hummingbird fun and swift 3 is good? Is there a big difference

Acer hummingbird fun and swift3 are two popular models of Acer notebooks. The main differences are that the time to market is different, and the processor is different. Acer hummingbird fun is newly launched after 2019, using the 10th generation processor, and swift3 uses the eighth generation processor, In general, Acer hummingbird fun and swift 3

this Acer hummingbird fun micro frame 14 inch light-weight portable business executive's endurance laptop (10th generation i5 8g 512gssd mx250 IPS) is recommended by the evaluation. It started with a 3999.00 second kill at the end of a certain East. It has been used for a period of time. The use experience is as follows:

running speed: fast, smooth

screen effect: OK, not so good, At least it's better than my 720p screen

heat dissipation performance: the fan is very awesome. Turn it when it's hot, and don't turn it when it's not hot

appearance: it can't compare with Lenovo Xiaoxin's three-sided micro frame, but the price is here. It's already great

lightness: it's OK

other features: anyway, my wife likes it very much, just a few other colors

Acer and apple, which have been used all the time, are very good machines on the whole, It is mainly the 10th generation U. at this price, the 10th generation u is only the one between this one and ASUS. Although ASUS' U is a new structure, which is convenient for later refitting, considering that it is used by girls, it is better to stabilize the waste foam granulator and the foam granulator of enterprises above the production range. The stability of this u is definitely better than ASUS. As for some people who say that the new process saves power, I think notebooks are generally plugged in, and it is unnecessary to save a little power. Besides, this is a low-voltage version, The office is the most perfect, and the graphics card is a little better than ASUS. Anyway, other girls in my wife's company buy the eighth generation i5, which is more expensive than mine. Haha, we all think it's worth it

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swift 3 quotation and comments for your comparison

I. Acer hummingbird fun activity price:

Acer hummingbird fun micro frame 14 inch thin portable business executive's endurance note to achieve product structure adjustment this computer (10th generation i5 8g 512gssd mx250 IPS) silver spike: ¥ 3999.00 activity link:

II Acer hummingbird fun configuration parameters:

Product Name: Acer

Product number: 10 suggestions for the healthy development of the industry and the introduction of capital

gross weight of product: 2.6kg

origin of product: Chinese Mainland

System: Windows 10

thickness: 15.1mm-18.0mm

hard disk capacity: 512gb SSD

Color: Silver

standby time: more than 9 hours

series: Acer hummingbird

bare metal weight: 5kg

screen size: 14.0 inches

graphics card model: mx250

color gamut: 45% NTSC

features: PCIe high-speed solid state disk

processor: Intel i5 low power version

memory capacity: 2GB

classification: thin book, conventional notebook

body material: metal material

memory capacity: 8GB

III. Acer hummingbird fun other users comments:

the product quality is very good, Express delivery speed is also very fast

the cooling fan is a little noisy when used, and it feels good on the whole

it is worth recommending to pot friends who do not play large games

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