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Evaluation: aux/aux KFR

Aux/aux kfr-72lw/r1tc02+2 large 3-piece intelligent cold and warm cylindrical vertical cabinet air conditioner

secondary energy efficiency, energy saving, intelligent, quiet and comfortable 30 ㎡ preferred

use a mode that is to work for the world. Monthly experience: the air conditioner is delivered quickly and in time, and there is also a professional master in charge of delivery. It is installed the next day, without arbitrary charges. The quality of the air conditioner is good. No matter the cold or warm wind is fast, there is no noise when the air conditioner works. It is placed in the high-end atmosphere at home. With the passage of time, it is highly praised! The key price is cheaper than the physical store

evaluation after three months of use: Please Click to view

product parameters:

certificate number:

certificate status: valid

Applicant Name: Ningbo aux Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.

manufacturer name: Ningbo aux Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.

Product Name: air conditioner (split heat pump floor type room air conditioner)

3C product model: kfr-72lw/r1yh700+2, kfr-72lw/r1yc700+2, KFR-72LW/R...

Product Name: aux/aux kfr-72lw/r

aux air conditioning model: kfr-72lw/r1tc02+2

air conditioning type: cabinet machine

cooling and heating type: cooling and heating electric auxiliary

air conditioning power: 3 pieces

applicable area: ㎡

mode of work: constant speed

3 yuan material accounting for about 30% of the cost in power batteries bucked the market and increased the price. As a major polyurethane producer

energy efficiency grade: Grade II

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