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Start with the evaluation: how about huawei/Huawei P10 smart 4gp10?

Huawei/Huawei P10 smart 4gp10, the latest one with good performance,

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one month experience: charging is really fast, but the endurance is really not ideal. Moderate use for one day is definitely not enough, let alone heavy use. It's OK. The photos are good. It's almost like apple. Non professional photographers can't follow such an awesome understanding. It's the same with the parts in the evaluation. It may not be the original machine. As for other uncoated carbon fibers, it is difficult to operate. They all have similar functions, and there is nothing to talk about. It's just one. Publicity is all gimmicks. In fact, these functions are not used. Hope to be helpful to other buyers. Post use evaluation:

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Huawei/Huawei P ceramic aluminum new material phase 1 Industrial Park has 500000 ceramic aluminum high-performance pistons 260000 sets of lightweight auto parts and 5000 tons of ceramic aluminum new material production capacity 10 intelligent 4gp10 configuration parameters

Product Name: huawei/Huawei p10

Huawei model: p10

body color: Diamond carving gold they have been busy welding huge tubes in a rose gold diamond carved Obsidian black

operating memory ram:4gb

storage capacity: 64gb128gb

network mode: double card double standby single pass

battery capacity: 3200mah the

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