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Start by commenting on the advantages and disadvantages of Skyworth 55m9? What is the difference between Skyworth M9 and V7? Is it true that 4K

Skyworth TV is a relatively old brand in the market. If we exclude such reasons, the popular 55 inch TV should belong to this Skyworth 55m9. This is a 55 inch 4K ultra clear TV, which supports WiFi connection. The following consumer demand shows rigidity. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Skyworth 55m9 and compare the differences between Skyworth M9 and V7 series. I hope it can help you choose Skyworth TV

I. Skyworth 55m9 TV advantages and disadvantages comments:

advantages: 1.4k HD, immersive feeling. 2. The sound has surround sound and the feeling of watching movies in the cinema 3 Artificial intelligence, simple operation. 4. Children's intelligent mode, mother at ease. 5. The appearance is atmospheric, and it is more high-tech in the living room

disadvantages: it is already in use, and nothing has been found for the time being. 1 Longitudinal and transverse breaking force? Disadvantages Expand to see more details

II. What are the functional features of Skyworth m hydraulic universal testing machine for casting aluminum alloy? Which is the difference between 9 and V7 series

M9 has advantages in viewing effect, and V7 is better in using effect. It is the same experience as previous Android. The higher the storage, the faster. At first, I took a fancy to M9, and was told by the clerk to buy 50f5. In fact, M9 is enough, and it also supports DTMB ground wave signal. The functions of the two models are the same. Check the latest official quotation of Skyworth M9 and V7 series

III. Skyworth 55m9 starts with user comments:

it's OK. More than 2000 55 inches is the most cost-effective model, with good quality, clear picture, and fast delivery. The order was placed yesterday afternoon, and it was delivered around 9 p.m. this day. The delivery master has a good attitude, is very responsible for leaving after the test, and the TV's own shelf was installed by himself, It's very simple and convenient. The previous one was also Skyworth's. after watching it for more than four years, it didn't have any problems. It's just too small. Now replace it with a larger one, and the quality is still reliable

IV. Skyworth 55v7 user comments:

Skyworth TV is generally good, with high definition, no stroboscopic, real and gorgeous colors; There is basically no Caton in the movie. The sound restoration is OK, the voice dialogue is clear, the bass is not vibrating, and the treble is not noisy. This LCD screen is very clear and worth the money. It is worth owning. The TV is very suitable in size and easy to operate. The remote control has voice function. At first, I couldn't use the voice function. Contact customer service for door-to-door debugging. The TV is normal. The voice function is very practical and fun. The border is very narrow, making the screen appear large. The sense of science and technology is very good, reflecting the true 4K technology content, which is no worse than sevenoreight thousand. The smart Android system is easy to use, just like, it's very handy. Many practical functions, such as music playing and picture browsing, are very convenient to use. There are also many functions. The built-in WiFi is very good. At the same time, it also supports many data interfaces such as cable. It is very practical. The networking function is also good, and it is worth buying

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