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Start the journey of sustainable packaging

completely renewable packaging requires negative selection of raw materials, effective design, and ensuring that it is safe within the validity period. Every package should meet the standard requirements of the market for performance and cost. It is completely manufactured from renewable resources, and once used, it should be effectively recycled, and finally provide a valuable resource for our future generations. Every package should be part of a cradle to cradle packaging system

the scenario described above is an ideal situation for which the renewable packaging Association is working. Of course, members of this association should first say that no company in the world has really realized renewable cradle to cradle packaging. However, they believe that renewable packaging is a goal, a long-term goal, and renewable packaging is also the only important development strategy. In this article, members of the association will also tell you that the packaging industry has begun to move towards this goal

John delfausse, vice president of the packaging development department of Aveda, a branch of Estee Lauder, said: "I think it is very important to make efforts towards renewable packaging. Although this is only the beginning, it is very meaningful because every small improvement is moving in the right direction. For those colleagues in charge of packaging, my suggestion is to start working towards renewable packaging as soon as possible."

the support of the company helps this process

companies all over the world feel the problem of compliance. Customers require the company to carry out social behavior, the rising costs of energy, raw materials and other aspects, as well as the pressure brought by pollution control. In response to these pressures and changes, more and more companies have established sustainable development goals and are promoting the importance of sustainable development to employees, suppliers, customers and shareholders. This top-down requirement provides a good opportunity for packaging decision makers

this does not mean that sustainable development cannot be carried out without the participation of senior managers. It just makes it clear that when the leadership of a company wants to move in one direction, it will create an environment for packaging managers to try new things and involve internal and external partners


container used in Ben and

Jerry's ice cream produced by Unilever is made of chlorine free biodegradable materials

"when your company pays attention to the environment and society, it is easier to find a way to achieve sustainable development." Meadwestvac also pointed out the direction for the development of plastic granulator technology in China, said Doug marcero, director of health management and Product Service Department of O company

delfausse said, "in Estee Lauder, it is a top-down force that makes environmental protection a top priority. Anyway, the packaging management manager should make it feasible. We have the opportunity to become leaders and join forces with companies in other fields to join our actions."

Scott Ballantine, the packaging project manager of Microsoft, agrees, He said: "Packaging decision makers are those who can first listen to the opinions of the market, procurement, transportation, suppliers and retailers. We can, and I believe we should also constantly raise awareness and apply sustainable development and environmental protection practices to our packaging as a leader. Packaging engineers are like glue, which can closely integrate different organizations into a unified task. We can really be different."

start with a small increase

no one would suggest that the renewable packaging project should make thousands of investments at the beginning, using a budget like the Apollo moon landing program. On the contrary, it can be small-scale, starting with little progress

"for those who are just beginning to understand sustainable development, the concept of cradle to cradle is very daunting," said Anne Johnson, President of the renewable packaging Association. "Everyone in packaging suppliers should realize that a small step in the right direction is definitely better than not taking a step at all. It is very important to understand this. Sustainable development is a framework that supports every small success."

Dr. George Kellie, director of MicroFlex technologies, a technology consulting company, said: "it is clear that no company will give up all its existing products and packaging and immediately turn to completely renewable materials. The challenge of this process is too great." But Kellie also said that it is important to remember what the famous Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said: "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

glass is a good packaging material from cradle to cradle

the renewable route can start from setting a benchmark for one or a series of packaging, which usually uses non renewable raw materials, energy and water, and causes waste and air pollution, including the emission of gases that can increase the greenhouse effect. Packaging managers can then gradually use renewable or recyclable raw materials for these packaging. At the same time, they can also formulate plans to reduce energy consumption, water pollution and air pollution, and increase the factors of recycling and alternative use after use, or produce environmentally friendly waste. Benchmarks or metrics are important, but packaging managers should not make this process too complicated

Marcero of MeadWestvaco said, "some measurement methods must focus on those matters that are meaningful to improve the process."

"at least in this early stage when more and more investors enter the shared bicycle market, it shows that the red line or black line is connected with polarity, the parameters you want to measure should be as simple as possible," Graham houlder, global packaging director of Unilever food department, suggested, "For example, is the raw material of the target package renewable? If it is non renewable, is it recyclable? Start classifying the raw materials in the following ways: renewable, recyclable, reusable, compostable or safe for the environment after incineration. All these are acceptable after use. Similar basic classifications can be carried out for energy, water and released gases. Your goal is to start reducing the traces of packaging in the environment. "

Kevin Stevens, vice president of global marketing of American oi company, also saw the cost savings caused by this process from reducing the residue of packaging in the environment. "Sustainable development will encourage manufacturers, suppliers and retailers of packaging products to adopt cleaner production practices and support negative production activities," he said. "This can not only improve quality and profits, but also reduce costs."

houlder of Unilever believes that steady progress can consolidate the driving force for progress. "In half a year or a year, those packaging managers who measure key parameters can show the improvement they have made, even if the improvement is relatively small." He said, "positive stories can inspire and create a trend that can infect employees within the company, as well as suppliers, retailers, customers and shareholders."

looking for growth opportunities

extended manufacturer (EPR) is a relatively new compliance rule, whose main purpose is to reduce the waste of consumer goods. EPR can stipulate that the manufacturer should be financially responsible for the post use stage of the packaging life cycle. EPR projects have been implemented in Europe, the United States, Canada, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. Suppliers who help customers deal with EPR projects are getting new sales opportunities

"although Albertson has its own brand, most of the products we sell are made by other manufacturers," said John Bernardo, resource protection manager of Albertson, "Suppliers should recognize the commercial benefits of the characteristics and applications of the main high-performance SEBS foaming materials brought about by helping their retail customers adopt environmentally friendly packaging and minimize waste. My suggestion is to help your customers get the initiative by helping them stay ahead of competitors, so as to get new opportunities."

trays made of starch based biological

materials can be used to package electronic products or dry foods such as biscuits and candies.

avc is a contract packer. Moshe begim, the president of the company, believes that it is beneficial for the company's business to develop a new packaging concept based on the idea of reducing waste. He said, "we have developed a design for a kind of packaging, which can be used as a permanent storage container after customers take products home, which provides many different benefits. This design increases the sales of products, improves the satisfaction of retailers and customers, and reduces the waste of solids."

benefit from the experience of others

for those manufacturers who are just beginning, it is very important to understand that the whole industry is on the same ship. The idea of cradle to cradle and sustainability are relatively new to everyone. Most people will be happy to share him

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