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What is the difference between covos dn33 and dn36? Which function is better

the trading methods of covos dn33 and dn36 are agreement transactions. The main differences are: first, the time of listing and the endurance are different. Covos dn36 was listed in October, 2018, and the endurance is better. This covos dn33 was listed in June, 2018, and the functions of the two sweepers are similar. Covos Dibao dn33 sweeper robot planted this sweeper, and after a period of use, this covos Dibao dn33 sweeper has good mop function, Basically, I just mop the floor directly. After the initial map is built, the area cleaning and custom cleaning are very practical, and the virtual wall function is also particularly convenient. Sometimes the map will be empty. Just put it back into the charging point. Simple and convenient, the elderly can also use it

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covos dn36 JD quotation and comment details for your comparison

I. covos Dibao dn33 sweeping robot JD activity quotation:

ecovacs dn33 sweeping robot sweeping and towing all-in-one machine intelligent household vacuum cleaner laser navigation planning parking maintenance: maintenance should be carried out when the experimental machine is stopped and sealed, mainly cleaning Corrosion prevention, moisture prevention, etc Avoid exposure to sunlight and rain The inventory machinery is maintained by the asset management department, and the remaining machinery is maintained by the user department Full automatic floor washing and mopping machine [24 hours of rush on November 6, price guarantee 11.11] [word of mouth hard goods dn33] is limited in quantity, and the rush will stop! [get an electric toothbrush as soon as you buy it, and the white bar is six free of interest] take Huawei 5g second bargain: ¥ 1699.00 activity link:

II. Configuration parameters of covos Dibao dn33 sweeping robot:

III. other users' comments on covos Dibao dn33 sweeping robot:

I feel good after using covos Dibao dn33 for a few days, especially the vacuum function. The artificial cornea material is the key factor affecting the performance of artificial cornea, It is mainly divided into optical mirror column materials and support materials. It can absorb a lot of hair and hair, and it can also clean under the bed. This is my favorite place. The robot is very intelligent. The route planning is very good. The sound is not very good. Through quantitative measurement, the receiving water tank is very practical. The electricity is sufficient. My house is 100 square meters. Every time I drag it, the remaining electricity will be automatically recharged. It is very convenient. It can also be cleaned in different areas. It is very practical. If you want to buy a sweeping robot, it is recommended to buy it Buy this

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