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Start with Lenovo Xiaoxin 13 2019 10th generation experience and configuration cooling performance evaluation introduction

Lenovo Xiaoxin 13 2019 10th generation this is the latest notebook equipped with Intel 10th generation processor. How about the cooling performance of this Lenovo Xiaoxin 13 2019 10th generation configuration? Let's take a look at the first-hand experience, configuration and price introduction as follows. I hope it can help you choose for reference

I. Lenovo Xiaoxin 13 2019 10th generation of hands-on experience:

this Lenovo Xiaoxin 13 2019 10th generation of IU thin notebook looks good on the evaluation and recommendation. A certain East planted grass behind this Lenovo Xiaoxin 13 2019. Li Yongwu met with the chairman of the board of directors of Bayer materials technology group, the 10th generation of IU. After using it for a period of time, let's talk about the use experience as follows: the 13 inch one just bought feels a little small, but the more it looks, the better it feels, and the size is just right, Turn it on for seven seconds. It's for college use. I don't play games myself. I feel that learning to watch videos is completely enough. The reaction speed is very fast. The running speed of selfie: very fast

1. Screen effect: very clear

2. Heat dissipation performance: there are legs under the computer, which can separate the computer host from the desktop, which is conducive to heat dissipation

3. Appearance: small and exquisite

4. Lightness: very light

5. Other features: the narrow edge of the screen reduces the volume under the same size, which is convenient to carry

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I. Lenovo Xiaoxin 13 2019 10th generation activity price:

Lenovo Xiaoxin 13 new 10th generation core i5 thin 2019 high color gamut notebook

new 10th generation core i5/i7 optional, high-performance independent graphics card mx250, full screen with narrow borders on all sides, 72%nstc high color gamut, light about 1.2kg price: ¥ 5099.00 [¥ 6199.00] activity quotation link: no specific customer has been revealed at present

II Lenovo Xiaoxin 13 2019 10th generation configuration parameters:

III. Lenovo Xiaoxin 13 2019 10th generation other user comments:

1. Small size, fast startup speed, smooth use speed at present, feeling that the appearance is also very small, very convenient

2. Lightness: compared with the previous computer, it is really thin and light, very good, running speed: a good product, five seconds startup, At the same time, opening more software can quickly run electronic appliances with strict requirements on wear resistance, flame retardancy and antistatic property

3. Fashionable and thin appearance, high resolution, clear screen, smooth operation, good heat dissipation effect, convenient travel and carrying, a happy shopping

1 is the ordinary Rockwell hardness test

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