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Start with evaluation: edifier/rambler r206p subwoofer notebook experience

edifier/rambler r206p subwoofer notebook desktop computer multimedia 2.1 audio mp3

usb direct reading wooden box bass adjustable national joint guarantee

use for a month experience: buy it mainly to play games, and listen to music, which is very convenient. In terms of sound effect, I feel very good. It's worth it to have such a sound effect for something worth more than 200 yuan. During small heating, the commodity electrical appliance city can only carry out the experiment when the main parameters 1 are switched to normal and the alarm light is not on. Non operators stop the startup operation and see the same thing. It's not clear whether it's genuine, but the asking price is 380. So friends in need can consider this stereo, which has good sound quality and affordable price

the use of torzenmarathon technology is the latest half year evaluation of NVIDIA's research results:

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