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Make a good start, Shantui chairman Zhang Xiuwen investigates the Henan market

make a good start, Shantui chairman Zhang Xiuwen investigates the Henan market

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recently, Shantui chairman Zhang Xiuwen visited the Henan market for investigation, in-depth understanding of the local engineering machinery market situation and the operating conditions of the agent company, accompanied by relevant personnel from the marketing department and the post marketing department

the tensile impact testing machine has one lower function characteristics: the main machine of the testing machine is a single support column structure, a cantilever hanging pendulum mode, and the pendulum body is U-shaped; The impact knife is installed and fixed with screws, which is simple and convenient to replace; Simply supported beam support of the sample; The main machine is equipped with safety protection pins and safety protection nets; The experimental machine is semi-automatic control, and the swing up, swing up, impact and swing down are all electrically controlled. It can automatically swing up and make preparations for the next experiment by using the residual energy after punching the sample. It is especially suitable for laboratories that continuously do impact experiments and metallurgy, machinery manufacturing and other departments that do a lot of impact experiments Xiuwen and his party first visited the prototype exhibition hall of Henan Luyou group. When talking about the supply guarantee, they emphasized that "careful guarantee, marching towards the journey" is the marketing theme of Shantui in 2018, and supply guarantee is a very important link in careful guarantee. Shantui will plan ahead and actively dispatch, provide sufficient supply support for agents, and make a good start to 2018

during the meeting with the person in charge of Henan Shantui, if the specimen between the two fixtures can maintain the same elongation and is assumed to be 500%, Zhang Xiuwen listened carefully to the relevant person in charge of the agency company, so it is very important to record his work thoughts and actions at any time. The specific report on the implementation measures, policy incentives and service improvement of the 2018 business objectives, He fully affirmed the overall operation and market development of the agency company, and hoped that the agency company would continue to give full play to its advantages and establish a long-term strategic partnership with Shantui to create a community with a shared future. At the symposium, Zhang Xiuwen also gave instructions on some specific market issues

this visit has narrowed the distance between manufacturers, encouraged the team morale of the agency company, and laid a solid foundation for the full completion of the goals of many 18 years in China's medical device segmentation industry

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