The hottest TOCOM rubber futures closed lower due

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TOCOM rubber futures closed lower because the yen rose and the spot price was weak

according to the news on July 3 in Tokyo, TOCOM rubber futures closed down on Thursday, giving up the early gains, and was pressured by fund selling. Due to the lack of new good news in the market as a whole, the yen held slightly firm against the US dollar, and the spot rubber price was weak

traders said that the technical chart also weakened, after the filter contract between the main 1st tank and the 2nd tank fell below the closely watched psychological support of 350 yen in the afternoon

the overall heavy waste price in Shandong is 1580 (1) 630 yuan/ton, and the outlook remains solid, because of strong crude oil and good fundamentals, but it seems that the market may revise to 340 yen in the near future

the benchmark RSS3 contract closed down 6.2 yen in December. The reason behind this set of data cannot help but make us ponder at 345.7 yen per kilogram

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