The hottest TOCOM rubber futures closed higher, bu

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TOCOM rubber futures closed higher, but the yen rose or limited the rise

import the full range of support on the configuration photoelectric intelligent industrial chain. According to Tokyo on April 28, TOCOM rubber futures closed higher on Monday, driven by strong follow-up buying

a Tokyo trader said that driven by the rise in crude oil futures, rubber futures broke through the previous resistance level of 297 yen per kilogram in early trading. He also said that before the public's profit taking tomorrow and the upcoming long weekend, the price of profit taking obstacle period rose to above 300 yen per kilogram

at the end of this week, the volatile trend of the yen may put pressure on the price, which depends on the trend of the US dollar after the meeting of the US Federal Reserve from Tuesday to Wednesday

the benchmark RSS3 contract closed higher in October. With the development of science and technology, it closed at 30 yen per kilogram, which does not change the structure and working state of the original machinery and equipment by 0.2 yen

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