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Wanshun new material: the actual controller Du Chengcheng reduced the holdings of "Wanshun Zhuan 2" by a total of 1.73 million

release date: Source: daily economy

this fund will help develop new types of packaging materials and plastic products. On the evening of February 5, China independently developed medium and high-level vibration testing machines. The announcement said: on February 5, 2021, the company received a notice from the controlling shareholder and actual controller Mr. Du Chengcheng, On February 5, 2021, Mr. Du Chengcheng reduced his holdings of two million shunzhuan shares through the Shenzhen Stock Exchange System in the form of centralized bidding transactions, accounting for 19.23% of the total issuance

According to the 2020 semi annual report, the main businesses of Wanshun new materials are aluminum foil packaging business, trade business, paper packaging materials business, other businesses and conductive film business, accounting for 53.76%, 30.34%, 10.13%, 4.97% and 0.81% of revenue respectively

Du Chengcheng, the chairman of Wanshun Xincai and the general manager of the National People's Congress, is a 55 year old male, Chinese nationality, without permanent overseas residency, and has a college degree

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